Hey all I'm RexDiamond but call me Dan Cool (Dan Cool was taken as a username).

This is my first blog post for the wiki. This post covers a recent weapon I just got from Season 2 Chapter 1 called the Vickers Machine Gun (VMG for short) I will be talking about the VMG and some of it's advantages and disadvantages so you know a good way to use it.

Lets start.



The VMG has 2 versions regular VMG and  Restored VMG. Both VMGs are Boss Drops in Season 2 mission 6 you will need to have Gambit recruited in order to unlock this mission.

The Restored VMG is only available in challange mode.

Regular VMG hits all enemies and the Resttored Version hits only 1 enemy but has Catastrophic. If u are holding both Regular and Restored VMG then they will be usuable EVEN if you have already used one, However they will share any QAs that they have gained

Plus Belt-Fed Ammo is IMMUNE to SoA effects. I'm gonna go out ona limb as say that any Remove Buff will nOT effect Belt-Fed Ammo

Moving on

Advantages of VMG

1: VMG has a passive called The Grand Old Lady. This passive buff gives it the ability to gain "Belt-Fed Ammo" . Belt-Fed Ammo are QAs that the VMG gains every turn it is not used.

TBelt-Fed Ammo stacks (I don't know the limit of it's stacks).

For instance if you do NOT use the VMG for 3 turns that means u will get 3 stacks of "Belt-Fed Ammo" instantly giving you 3 QAs.

Here is the catch

Disadvantages of VMG

Even though the VMG can gain QAs it has a catch that balances it out. That catch is a passive called "Complicated".

If the VMG is used Complicated will disable all weapons other then the VMG this means as you use the QAs of the VMG those QAs will ONLY apply to your VMG all other weapons on your Agent will be disabled until the turn is up.

So your probably thinking "Hey I have an SoA which is a QA item. I'll just use the SoA 1st then use my VMG that has 5 stacks of Belt-Fed Ammo"  not gonna work because Complicated will disable the VMG if you use any other weapon other then the VMG first.

So as you can see the VMG is really handy but has it's ups and downs.

Either way I think it can turn a bad situation into a good one and it can turn missed turns to your advantage.

I mean come on it freakin stacks Quick Actions how awesome is that?!

Anyways try it for yourself and leave a comment below.


Dan Cool

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