Hey guys here is a little post I have wipped together it's called,

Nerf Whiners! And the crap they bring with them and the difference between a whiner and a helper.

Anyways lets get to it.

Nerf Whiners are illegitimate children that can't take a challange so when they see players with top tier stuff (Like an SoA) they complain to PD to, "NERF THE SoA!" or whatever else thay can't handle.

Recently a fan favorite has been nerfed to the point of uselessness that weapon would be the Brute. it's Rapid Psychosis now expires unlike Jackass Lanturn and Bastard Hearts rapid Psychosis. I'm assuming this is the cause of nerf whiners.

Bottom line is Nerf Whiners suck and can be very dangerous to the enjoyment of ANY game so do something people.

Now to be clear there is another type of person that tells PD to Nerf something but the only difference is that their right.

Here is what determines the difference between Nerf Whiners and Nerf Helpers (I don't know what else to call the good nerf Whiners).

Nerf Whiners

Is a player who sucks and does not want to put the effort into getting better not to mention he (or she) is broke and does not want to use the stuff ingame because of laziness.

Example: "SoA is to powerful! NERF IT!" blah blah blah blah. By now people have already found away around the SoA, so stop it! and get off your lazy butt and get to building a good team.

Nerf Helper (If you have a better name for a good Nerf Whiner just let me know in the comments below. Hey that rhyms)

A Nerf Helper is someone who points out fatal OP flaws in items and heroes.

Example: When Ghost Rider was unvieled and people managed to recruit him his Infernal Contract kept him alive in the most serious damage senarios this ment he could not get KOed. Alot of people starting saying nerf this and they were right. Especially since it ment having GR = an instant win for that team and an instant lost for the other player or if both teams had GR NO winner and the looser was the 1st player to quit.

So to all Nerf Whiners. Get some skill and stop your female dogging.

That's it for now

RexDiamond Signing out.

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