Well I was just inspired!

But seriously I had a new idea for some alts that should be added to some heroes.

Let's Start

Cable Alt Ideas: Black ops Cable. (You know it should be added)

Colossus Alt: Juggernaut Costume (Im a little skeptic about it but hey what the hell)

Hawkeye Alt: Old man Hawkeye (from Old Man Logan series) & The Ronin costume complete with Melee moves (Since he was packing swords during this time)

Punisher Alt: The Punisher War Journal alt (You know it should be added)

Spiderman Alt: Bag-Man (LOL)

Black Widow Alt: (White Costume therefore making her The White Widow)

Iron Man Alt: Starboost Armor from Iron Man 3. (Looks hella cool) & The Heartbreaker Armor (That's right it's not just the name of one of his attacks)

Luke Cage Alt: Black shirt and Blue jeans. (ANYTHING will do as well as some new buffs)

Thats it for now. This post was made solely for ur opinions and might be updated if I get a new idea.

So comment away people. And if u have an idea for an alt feel free to post it.

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