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  • RexDiamond

    Here is my method,

    Here are all the LB heroes I have.

    Note: I do not gurantee ANYTHING! If you have missed a collection of LBs then the only thing to do is open LBs by the 10s that also means disreguard everything after this notice.

    My System for opening LBs. I swear it has worked since the OS collection (That is when I learned it)

    Here are the steps as followed as well as detailed instructions.

    When I get LBs I don't just open 10 at a time I also open singles but in a certain way,

    If I get 4 LBs or less I open all 4 but if I get 6 or 9 more then I open the LBs until I get to 5 then I farm up to 10.


    5 LBs means it's your choice whether to open all, a few (I recommend NOT opening a few. Go all or nothing) or none

    Less then 5. Open all

    More then 5 b…

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  • RexDiamond

    We are closing in on the final days of PvP and so far I am having a tough time ESPECIALLY in AFK. My defense teams have multiple losses 10 in a row to even more, every AFK match my teams can NOT win for some reason. If AFK weren't around then I'd still be Diamond or higher. The assaults have gotten even worse every match my team encounters they loose. So bottom line is does any one have any good ideas for working PvP teams? Below is a list of all the heroes I have, And please I really don't want to hear stuff like "U should have this hero or that hero etc" if u know a good AFK team feel free to share. As for my Agent level it is 255.

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  • RexDiamond

    Warsplitter Axe

    August 29, 2013 by RexDiamond

    The Warsplitter Axe is a boss Drop in Spec Ops 12 Dark Reign You can obtain it in Mission 1. This blog will talk about what I have learned so far from using it guess you can say that this is an in depth guide of the Warsplitter Axe. Feel free to comment and if you see any errors in what I have written then please say so. Let's start

    As u can see from the picture it's me scoring The Warsplitter Axe (WSA for short) Now I purposely went to go and get this weapon for PvP purposes because at the time, I was using the Girl's Best Fiend (Don't you judge me!) anyways before SO 12 came around I was thinking of something that could replace my GBS then I saw this and said "This will replace my GBF" so after 3 or 4 runs I got it (Yeah me).

    What I have …

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  • RexDiamond

    Hey all what is up?

    Anyways I have decided to make a new blog post about PvP. Keep in mind everything in here is explained from my own experience in PvP so in some cases I could be wrong.

    Let's start.

    Recently I have been getting questions from some FB acquaintance of mines about PvP and how to get out of Silver League. They ask me because I managed to get out of Silver and into Diamond this season so they obviously think I know what I am doing. To a point I do.

    Here is what I have learned.

    1: Your team is only as strong as ur Armor and Hero bonuses. If u raise those through the roof your chances of winning just went through the roof but it is not a guarantee win it just raises ur chances by alot

    2: Getting the right heroes is very important u …

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  • RexDiamond

    Well I was just inspired!

    But seriously I had a new idea for some alts that should be added to some heroes.

    Let's Start

    Cable Alt Ideas: Black ops Cable. (You know it should be added)

    Colossus Alt: Juggernaut Costume (Im a little skeptic about it but hey what the hell)

    Hawkeye Alt: Old man Hawkeye (from Old Man Logan series) & The Ronin costume complete with Melee moves (Since he was packing swords during this time)

    Punisher Alt: The Punisher War Journal alt (You know it should be added)

    Spiderman Alt: Bag-Man (LOL)

    Black Widow Alt: (White Costume therefore making her The White Widow)

    Iron Man Alt: Starboost Armor from Iron Man 3. (Looks hella cool) & The Heartbreaker Armor (That's right it's not just the name of one of his attacks)

    Luke Cage Alt: Black…

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