Ok, so I got into the silver league. WHAT? I'm at level 55 only. I got to gold on Day 1. Then, I dropped back to silver overnight. Next day, I blasted over 16 players and got to Diamond League.Then some guy with Hercules and Quicksilver attacked me and I got to gold league again...And worst part: I went for a three day holiday. I got to silver league. I lost 200 in rating.Crud. Then I started playing Spec Ops 4. So I totally forgot about PVP. Now Im at Task 18 but I lost 100 rating. 4 days up, I started playing PVP again when my UISO supplies were running low. I got to gold league and I stopped again. On the last day, some guy blasted me and I lost 20 rating, enough for me to be the top 36%.

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