So, hi, this is a series about increasing the power of nerfed heroes for them to match up to their counterparts.


Class: Blaster

Health: 4/5 bars

Attack: 5/5 bars


1. Optic Blast

Damage: 30% enemy health


Enemy: Burning-Enemy loses 10 % health every turn for 2 rounds

Self: Charged-Cyclops gets a power boost for the next round.

2. Martial Arts

Damage: 15% enemy health


Enemy: Long Term Damage-The enemy's attack is reduced by 50% for the next turn

Self: None

3. Mega Optic Blast

Damage: All enemies 15%


Enemy: Burning

Self: Charged

4. Focused Blast

Damage: 50%


Enemy: Permanent Weaken-The enemy damage is reduced by 10% for the rest of the battle

Defense: 3/5 bars

Evasion: 3/5 bars

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