We all got fav heroes. These are mine, based on heroes I have tried and heroes I already have. First tier is the A-list. Not really any guys there.

Tier 1

1.Human Torch

Let me tell you, after the recent update, 'flamehead' just got powerful. Though, he might probably be nerfed soon.


Kind of weird but if you use his lvl 2 attack Exploit Weakness and Optic Blast on a blaster, with a lvl 6 Cyclops, he can cause 700 damage if both manage to hit. Give him Evasion ISOs and he'll be magic. But then, his lvl 6 attack is practically useless and my heroes don't look like they have higher chances to dodge.

3. She-Hulk

The ultimate bruiser

Tier 2

1. Scarlet Witch

Combine her Hex Spheres and then Arcane blast and its great. Chaos shield and she's perfect. However, low health and low defense makes her susceptible.


She has high attack but then, her lvl 6 attack can be useful only on tanks and heroes like Kitty Pryde.

3. Iron Fist

Good attacks but then, he has overall low stats, making him almost useless unless you have Heart of Shou-Lao.

4.Ms Marvel

Almost perfect. Only problem is her stamina. If Kree Strike is used, she will probably last less than two turns. Her level 9 ability is pro!

Tier 3

1. Mr Fantastic

Seriously, he's not my style


Good attackbut low evasion makes her a quick death.

3. Colossus

Good tank but low damage dealer. Results in an Imperfect Strategy.

Tier 4

1. Hawkeye

I don't know why, but he sucks. Lets start with his damage...

2.Black Widow

Her lvl 2 attack is good and she deserves to be in about Tier 3 but she's my only Infiltrator and she stinks. She may need to get to lvl 6. Mine is lvl 5.

3.Luke Cage

He just does not compare well.

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