Rumours of Ant-Man, possible spec ops 5 hero by me

RStats of Ant Man by score out of 5

Health: 3

Stamina: 4


Attack: 3

Evasion: 4

Attacks (updated)

1. Brawl (meelee attack)

Debuffs to opponent: Combo setup

Buffs: Prepared for combat

-Higher chance to dodge meelee attacks (3 turns)

2. Turn Big (buff)

Debuffs to self:

Easy target

-Unable to dodge (Next 2 turns)

Buffs: Defenses enhanced

-Increases attack, defense and health by 25% (next 2 turns)

3. Call the ants (AOE)

Debuffs to opponents: Blinded

4. Laser beam (laser energy ranged)

Debuffs to opponent: Burning

Passive: Automatic switch

-Turns small when attacked by/attacking stronger (more health) targets

Increases evasion

-Turns big when attacked by/ attacking weaker targets (less health)

Increases attack and defense

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