• Rewire387

    So, hi, this is a series about increasing the power of nerfed heroes for them to match up to their counterparts.

    Class: Blaster

    Health: 4/5 bars

    Attack: 5/5 bars

    1. Optic Blast

    Damage: 30% enemy health


    Enemy: Burning-Enemy loses 10 % health every turn for 2 rounds

    Self: Charged-Cyclops gets a power boost for the next round.

    2. Martial Arts

    Damage: 15% enemy health


    Enemy: Long Term Damage-The enemy's attack is reduced by 50% for the next turn

    Self: None

    3. Mega Optic Blast

    Damage: All enemies 15%


    Enemy: Burning

    Self: Charged

    4. Focused Blast

    Damage: 50%


    Enemy: Permanent Weaken-The enemy damage is reduced by 10% for the rest of the battle

    Defense: 3/5 bars

    Evasion: 3/5 bars

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  • Rewire387

    Who should I buy next?

    November 11, 2012 by Rewire387

    I don't want to clog the blog content page up but I need to ask this question: Who should I buy next? I hope someone will leave a comment here.

    Anyway, I have 58 CP and 2 gold, which translates to 62 CP if I trade the Gold.

    I could buy:

    1. Kitty Pryde


    3. Nightcrawler

    4. Spider Woman

    5. Thing

    6. War Machine

    7. Quicksilver

    Thats all. Hope someone can guide me.

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  • Rewire387

    This blog post is just something I came up with while I was bored...Just a really simple summary of things.

    Iron Man

    Iron Man is okay. He's got a single target attack that does not drain too much stamina, an AOE although no one would use it with Human Torch around, a shield effect that also prevents stun, and a stamina intensive high damage cool attack. The problem? No meelee attacks. If Iron Man keeps attacking a Ms Marvel, she won't need to recharge.

    Overall: 7/10

    Black Widow

    Black Widow is cool. She has actually got a meelee attack, a ranged attack, another meelee but hyper powerful (think Unibeam) attack that strips buffs, and a buff. She's pretty much awesomely perfect with high stats for lots of things if she has the right ISOs.

    Overall: 8…

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  • Rewire387

    Rumours of Ant-Man, possible spec ops 5 hero by me

    RStats of Ant Man by score out of 5

    Health: 3

    Stamina: 4


    Attack: 3

    Evasion: 4

    Attacks (updated)

    1. Brawl (meelee attack)

    Debuffs to opponent: Combo setup

    Buffs: Prepared for combat

    -Higher chance to dodge meelee attacks (3 turns)

    2. Turn Big (buff)

    Debuffs to self:

    Easy target

    -Unable to dodge (Next 2 turns)

    Buffs: Defenses enhanced

    -Increases attack, defense and health by 25% (next 2 turns)

    3. Call the ants (AOE)

    Debuffs to opponents: Blinded

    4. Laser beam (laser energy ranged)

    Debuffs to opponent: Burning

    Passive: Automatic switch

    -Turns small when attacked by/attacking stronger (more health) targets

    Increases evasion

    -Turns big when attacked by/ attacking weaker targets (less health)

    Increases attack a…

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  • Rewire387

    The speculation is that Vision is the Spec Ops 5 reward hero and Ultron is the big villain. But then that's just speculation and we've got demons to fight. Meanwhile, I'll tell you one similar rumour and the reward's attacks.

    Ant Man vs Ultron

    After all, Hank Pym was the one who created Ultron, right. And plus, he is more well known in the marvel universe and with a 2014 film about the man, how can Playdom resist? Ant-Man is cool, since he can turn big and turn small, which means two powers.

    His attacks might be: 1. Brawl (single target)-Causes Get Big (stackable) making Ant-Man giant and increases attack by more than two times for two turns.

    2.Jump Down (buff)

    -Causes Get Small making Ant-Man small and flying.

    -Also increases evasion by 25%.

    3. …

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