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    Skipping Ten in the numbering for a personal intricacy. With the advent of Magneto as a deploy, I've come to see the expansion of lockbox and special operation characters role and necessity as an unavoidable fate. But, to keep things so simple with a lockbox character every spec op, every PVP season, it will be boring.

    So I came to think of the possibilities of using other game features to aquire lockboxes, in a similar way to Covert Tasks offering miniature spec ops. The most salient idea was the Incursions, which could offer interdimensional variants of heroes, or perhaps alternative outfits, based on other Earth versions of the characters, and others characters with dimension related origins.

    Characters such Nocturne, the Daughter of Nigh…

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  • Regulus22

    An Avatar Wager, where instead of focusing on a specific season or hero, have the theme and prediction set. In this case, what the tie-in for Thor 2: Dark World will be. The person who has the most correct assumptions will be the victor. As usual, keep the Avatars SFW, and for those who don't wish to allow others to control their avatar, a signature modification to be plated in any comment they make is available.

    Of course, this is all moot if they decide to have no tie in, which is an option.

    Note: Score assessed as a percentage: You can have one thing right, you'd beat the person with one right thing, one wrong, but someone with two right beats you.

    Same token, you can 2/3 right, you beat the guy with 4/20.

    You can overlap with others but yo…

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  • Regulus22

    In the vein of the Seasonal PVP Bets, which Will resume after PVP ends, we'll be guessing for the next SO content. However, doing a few things a little differently.

    Rule set for Part One from Season One applies, though there's some additions.

    • Nothing Announced. This includes leaked info, both through code diving or any kind of clock winding, unintentional release, etc. Just guess something you think could be in the game instead of hoping that something they've announced will be.
    • Trifecta+1: As this is a Spec Ops, let's go for 4 Requirements to the post. Any being considered a Win. The person with the most wins controls the game, the people with Wins having Immunity. Three Things are Hero, Primary Villain, and if applicable; Lockbox Villain or…
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  • Regulus22

    Get Cocky-Part 2

    May 18, 2013 by Regulus22

    Since the raving success that I had adopting a no-scroll of angolob strategy as detailed here, I decided that PVP isn't all that interesting with a life outside the game. Sure, I could slack off, stop going out, stay up into the wee hours to increase volume, and I could probably make vibranium+. But, unfortunately, I have no intention of doing those. But, that results in less then stellar end results.

    Spice it up, instead of sticking to ace characters, I decided to take advantage of and exploiting people's opinions of Spec Ops characters' value. This is a big peeve, especially when committed by people without them. In my opinion, all characters are pretty good if used well. The characters I chose are the worst of the crop according to the …

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  • Regulus22

    PVP is taking a while to come around this time, so the expectations are mounting, people are becoming restless being restricted to Practice, and of course, the Speculation of the Hero is ongoing.

    Started on the chat, The5elements and myself decided to place a bet on who the PVP character would be, based on the expectation of X-Force and Blaster, expanded that to the people present.

    Some loosely defined rules were drawn up and we decided to extend it through the wiki community.

    • Winner chooses Avatars for 5 days of the losers. Alternately, if someone doesn't wish to give people the rights to their Avatar Choice, can add was beaten in First Seasonal PVP Bet by the Great and Honorable [Victor] to their signature, posting their sig in any comment e…

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