Ok, first blog, but bare with me. As we know, most characters who seem overpowered are easily beaten by more experienced players, saying that it's only strategy. I believe that most problems are solved through pattern recognition, it's how I got through high school maths and for the most part, Physics, it works. But some people are either too impatient or simply incapable to do so so I thought that I could lay it out. There's also some influence from Sun Tzu's Art of War, read it for fun.

What I do is predict enemy action, doing so you can control the fight, if you're in control, nothing can surprise you with a one hit knock out. Or, you're prepared for it. Knowing your opponents movesets is the first step, if they have some spontaneous move to kill you, you obviously need to mitigate it. Certain strategies such as Tanking and Force Cage are better suited for this but I greatly prefer not to do so.

Agent Loadout

The first thing to look at in a match, look at their passives. This, combined with their equipped first slot weapon, often give you an idea or even full knowledge of what equipment they have, and from that, you know what to watch out for. Examples:

  • Dark Bargain, Poison: Signpost/Sinister Scepter.
  • Icy: Laufey Needle/Laufey Knife.
  • Avengers Assemble: Coulson's Revenge
  • All manner of Counter items: Nanite, Golden Tonfa, Cat Claws are very specific which is even better.
  • Protect: Often Hoarfrost Mace, occasionally Knight or other.
  • Ammunition: Rook and Pawn.
  • mechanical body: Techno organic skeleton.

Additionally, pay attention to their armor, and other factors that could be clues to their placement in prior tourneys. This can tell you the likelyhood of them having certain items such as the Scroll of Angolob.

If someone has the Scroll, stacking your buffs and debuffs before he makes a move is liekyl to be wasted. Instead, wait till they use it. Then You have 2 turns cooldown where buffs can be utilized heartily with no regrets.

Similarly, their immunities tell you that there is no point in applying psychic attacks for example, on someone with mechanical body.

Human Torch

Simple. All his attacks are offensive actions, give him mental trauma, it's a guarantee of 40% of his health gone as long as it isn't removed first. If you don't have Emma..

Route his offense. He only does real damage if the target of firebal is burning. Ensure your heroes don't stay burning for when his turn is up and there's little he can do. This can be accomplished easily enough with the scroll of angolob and Emma's Cosmic Power/Unlock Potential proc. If that option isn't available, Asgardians are all immune to burn, and that's very possible.

Take advantage of him, don't let him catch you off guard.


Watch yourself, if your guy has mental trauma(debuff), don't attack. It's a very simple countermeasure and yet so many probably fail to do this. Mental Trauma(attack) can be deposed by carrying an infiltrator, The P5 Cosmic Power can't really be mitigated, but decreasing Emma's usefulness with these two steps mean that there's only two characters on the other team you'll need to worry about.

3 Offesnive Actions. Unlock Potential has a substantial cooldown, after it's use Mental Trauma can often be used without a hitch provided Cosmic Power doesn't trigger.


Protective Shroud has cooldown, and the other actions are offensive, a good target for Mental Trauma. Protective Shroud is her biggest asset, it can be nullified with psychic attacks, the scroll or targetting. HEavily reliant on buffs and debuffs.

Modern Thor

Get rid of his 2x Might of Mjolnir before he a turn. Easily done with buff removers or the Scroll, after this, he'll spend two+ turns trying to get it back, one of which is a non-offensive application that gives the opposition strengthened.This gives you the ability to direct him for three turns at least. One factor you don't need to worry about, but keep an eye on it anyway.

GHost Rider

All Offensive. Penance Stare will hurt if you let sin build. Scroll kills the sin. Penance is psycchic but his other moves arent. I ende up using the MAce and Bruiser Trench to use him to my own advantage. Many teams rely on him, Make it so he can't do anything of note and he's just part of the scenery.

More to Come with the main PVP nightmares.