Right, I'm through with the spats on the Scroll of Angolob page. People who have it know how little difference it makes in the vast majority of fights. People who don't have it see the AI using it as impossible, they don't even realize how differently the AI uses it to how we do.

Now, when presented with the myriad of options of how we deal with the predictable opponents who have the scroll ourselves, they shut us down as not understanding our pain as they think we just don't want to see it nerfed, when really, we don't see it as devastating as they do. Because we can see it's usefulness, we know the strategies it is useless against. They don't think they exist, or that they aren't feasible without having a scroll themselves.


I'm cocky, I have every belief that the scroll isn't that necessary in fights. So, time to capitalize on that first trait to prove the whiners wrong. For the rest of this PVP (the hard bit) and the next, I'll remove the Scroll from my equipment. Replacing it, is something which EVERYONE has the capacity to earn so there's no complaints about subbing in an equally unfair item like the signpost, wave nullifier, scroll of melsalam, knight, Hoarfrost Mace, etc. That item is the Das Boot. Similar effect for all intensive purposes.

So, my offensive win/loss rate will be recorded from this tournament, last tournaments where I used the scroll will be recorded here, and my offensive win-loss rate from now where I am not using the scroll of angolob, will also be recorded and compared. Now, I think playing a little longer afford people does give an advantage. This will account for the boundaries which I would consider to be within experimentation error, ie, which should not be counted as an advantage. For that boundary I will ask the more seasoned players in PVP, those who have finished in Adamantium before and are over Level 200, primarily, I would ask for PKB.


  • Season Four: 143-62
  • Season Five: 253-165
  • Season Six: 211-122
  • Season Seven (till NOW): 59-25

Without Scroll:

  • Season Seven Finale: 37-16 Conclusion: An increase in ratio. Defense wins went from 1/6 to 1/2 in the final days.
  • Season Eight:
  • Season Nine:
  • Season Ten:


This should give a conclusion that the potential to win with the scroll is well within a boundary for wins without. A demonstration with statistics that THE SCROLL ISN'T NEEDED TO WIN.

Now, I will ask for other people fed up with scroll whiners, take on this challenge, prove that you don't need it.

I know at least PKB is one person who has the scroll and doesn't use it so think that with more people, it will have far greater levity.

Instead of arguing pointlessly to losers in the comments from now, I will simply link this blog. And as the seasons come, my point will be shown.

The Scroll of Angolob is Not Overpowered.

There is now a second part here, Get Cocky-Part 2