So, after nearly two month’s absence from the wiki, being voluntarily blocked to focus on real life more, I Have Returned. The break gave me a lot of time which was needed with my tests confidently done, my love life sorted, and the holidays upon us, but it is good to be back as from what I’ve seen, the place barely survived without me.

PKB semi-retiring, Titeuf and other notable users have quit playing, several of the more comprehensible opinionators have been engaging in no holds barred vitriol matches with the staff team many of whom responded with zero tact and only poured petrol to the flame, leading to blocks on both sides, massive policy changes have been implemented, Chapter 14 has arrived with Uncanny Cyclops with the expected absence of any real exposition of the Circle of 8, PVP has come and gone and came again with the monstrosity that is the Synthetic Cube, Bishop, Moon Knight, Heimdall, Loki, Doctor Voodoo and sneak peaks of Spiral and Domino have appeared, buffs and nerfs have continued as ever, though everyone seems to focus much too much on the nerfs and, empowered iso 8 finally allows us to boost the natural ability of our heroes and eventually our agents with passives. (Still prefer the jetpacks, but this is a start.)

Very disappointed in the wiki community, tisk tisk tisk. You really can’t handle yourselves without me can you? Well its okay, I won’t be leaving anytime soon again, have found something else to motivate me and free a lot of time.

Will give a brief opinion on the game updates that truly standout to me. The rest is just a pile of garbage I'd rather not dwell on this good day.

  • Loki. Seriously, people focused on his face? <sigh> Anyway, I find the notion of someone many considered too absolutely villainous as a playable character is a great thing for some characters I’d love to have as heroes, Baron Zemo and Moonstone primarily.
  • Sabretooth. Soon as he was announced, people wailed that he was too much a bloodthirsty killer and all I'm reminded is the love that they have for that Castle douchebag.... Some made cases that he had been a member of various antiheroic teams in the past, really that’s not what I believe it should come down to. Just go to Wolverine’s heroic battle against him. The dialogue there was all I needed to be convinced of two things, a) Wolverine is a massively stupid hypocrite. B) Sabretooth is a much nicer guy then Wolverine. I have Sabretooth already and he is quite easily one of the best bleeders. Definitely better then Wolverine.
  • Heimdall. I expected Tyr as I had been promised he would be featured. He was, as a barely named background character. Disappointed. Heimdall in the movie was quite amazing, so I’m glad the game did him justice.
  • Black Knight. He was updated and nearly no one seemed to notice. His proc rate where it’s supposed to be, he is much better then the likes of Ares due to the higher adaptability. He can handle nearly any situation now since his offensive impact was jacked up. Now I’m properly capable of using one of my all time favourite characters in PVP. And people think this season is the unbalanced one, HAH
  • The VTK Nerf. I don’t like protect as I use synergistic strategies, losing a character earlier then others foils it with no real added benefit to me and I find evasion for the weak. This was a buff from my perspective. It’s still an item that doesn’t work for my technique however so still wont be added to my lineup.
  • The more important change that was included with the VTK Nerf to hide it: The change to stat addition buffs. Seriously, this is the first time that Playdom has made a nerf that totally made a strategy I was using fail. Juggernaut, Warbringer Axe, Thane, QJ. Had to totally throw it out, but, it happens. There’s no point in crying over spilt milk, time to move on and enjoy what you have, which in my case was changing to Black Knight and X-23, a much more enjoyable combo which is still perfectly valid for the much more balanced meta.
  • The Atillan and Dark Defiance Set. As I said, I find protects stupid. Dark Defiance is even more anathema to my technique, although I highly considered Frigga’s Hope in the end I chose against it as it doesn’t have the damage it would require to replace my Welrod.
  • The nerfs to other persistently used characters: namely Rescue, Phoenix, Ares and Rogue. I largely consider these uneeded, I had been dealing with them all quite easily enough with a hammer strategy, a craphouse hero and armory bonus, I can’t see how anyone had real issue with them as they were. That said, I appreciate that the nerfs came with a greater variety for PVP, so totally welcome them.