PVP is taking a while to come around this time, so the expectations are mounting, people are becoming restless being restricted to Practice, and of course, the Speculation of the Hero is ongoing.

Part 1

Started on the chat, The5elements and myself decided to place a bet on who the PVP character would be, based on the expectation of X-Force and Blaster, expanded that to the people present.

Some loosely defined rules were drawn up and we decided to extend it through the wiki community.


  • Winner chooses Avatars for 5 days of the losers. Alternately, if someone doesn't wish to give people the rights to their Avatar Choice, can add was beaten in First Seasonal PVP Bet by the Great and Honorable [Victor] to their signature, posting their sig in any comment etc, maintaining it for 1 days as this is a more notable feature for most contributors.
  • One Character per person, no one can choose a character already taken.
  • Avatar choice must be appropriate for all viewers. Meaning nothing 18+ or from My Little Pony.
  • As the bet requires an Avatar, AWCs don't count.
  • Those with no follow through are cowards, naturally.

Part 2

In addition, the question remain: Why the Wait? People have said it's because they are trying to weed out cheaters, that they're just giving a break, or that they're planning something big...

So, time to spice it up a little.


  • Make a number of speculation points about the coming season, changes to be made. Possible alterations in the setup. Successful guessing at these points gives the winner who makes them an extra day each point where the Avatars he or she chooses for the losers must remain. Sig changes get 4 hour increases.
  • People can overlap in their choices, and make additions if they wish.

It's a friendly game, so have fun and don't take it too seriously