The chances on the arrows, at least in this fight seem to be rigged to specific combinations. My hope is to use this to set out the formula to beating him. 500 Small Energy to use, hopefully I wont use it all, I still need to beat Phoenix and Black+Spiderman's heroics afterall.

Same number of followups, same arrowhead order, same attacks and effects afflicted. This aint random. I will accept data from others if you provide it fully as I have in comments.

Will provide data and complete later....Have to pick up a textbook.

Tests for Blaster Heroic Hawkeye.

  • Sonic Arrow: Close Win, no cigar.
  • Adamantium Arrow: Crapshoot.

*Magnovolt Arrow: Hawkeye begins. Pinpoint on Bowman, Arrow Volley. Pinpoint on Burner 2, Arrow Volley, Pinpoint on Burner 1. Arrow Volley. Pinpoint on Bowman, L1 on Bowman. Win.

Right, having won faster then expected, I'm going to continue posting results as I will do the heroic again. Will record starting arrow, and my movements. The arrow combinations if possible.

Random, riiiight