Since the raving success that I had adopting a no-scroll of angolob strategy as detailed here, I decided that PVP isn't all that interesting with a life outside the game. Sure, I could slack off, stop going out, stay up into the wee hours to increase volume, and I could probably make vibranium+. But, unfortunately, I have no intention of doing those. But, that results in less then stellar end results.


Spice it up, instead of sticking to ace characters, I decided to take advantage of and exploiting people's opinions of Spec Ops characters' value. This is a big peeve, especially when committed by people without them. In my opinion, all characters are pretty good if used well. The characters I chose are the worst of the crop according to the esteemed AWCs, Magik and Hank Pym.


In addition to my decision against using Both Scrolls, I'll be using two characters occasionally considered the worst, and will be recording my matchups, wins and losses. The goal will be: Defeat 100 Emma Frosts and Captain Britains, with an offensive win rate in general of at least 75%. Ths is to prove that even the worst Spec Ops characters are perfectly capable of being formidable adversaries and Definitely welcome additions to any hero team. This should put an end to the people whining that the Spec Op characters being released now are terrible compared to the early ones or that 200 is too steep a price for the great character they failed to get.

So, get cocky people, the reign of Emma is over, it's time for Ultron's Mother Smackin' Papa to take over as King of PVP.