An Avatar Wager, where instead of focusing on a specific season or hero, have the theme and prediction set. In this case, what the tie-in for Thor 2: Dark World will be. The person who has the most correct assumptions will be the victor. As usual, keep the Avatars SFW, and for those who don't wish to allow others to control their avatar, a signature modification to be plated in any comment they make is available.

Of course, this is all moot if they decide to have no tie in, which is an option.

Note: Score assessed as a percentage: You can have one thing right, you'd beat the person with one right thing, one wrong, but someone with two right beats you.

Same token, you can 2/3 right, you beat the guy with 4/20.

You can overlap with others but you cannot modify your post to include more ideas you got that others put.