In the vein of the Seasonal PVP Bets, which Will resume after PVP ends, we'll be guessing for the next SO content. However, doing a few things a little differently.

Rule set for Part One from Season One applies, though there's some additions.

  • Nothing Announced. This includes leaked info, both through code diving or any kind of clock winding, unintentional release, etc. Just guess something you think could be in the game instead of hoping that something they've announced will be.
  • Trifecta+1: As this is a Spec Ops, let's go for 4 Requirements to the post. Any being considered a Win. The person with the most wins controls the game, the people with Wins having Immunity. Three Things are Hero, Primary Villain, and if applicable; Lockbox Villain or LE Alts. The Forth requirement is the linking factor, a story they've appeared in together or a brief description in game for that combination to relate to ISO-8 and the Pulse.
  • Upping the Ante: Let's be a little more personal with the Avatar choices. Something close enough to tear the person's wiki life half apart. Be Bold.

Longevity: If no one wins, the bets remain on the table for the next special op. Any leaks or releases will have that factor's legitimacy revoked.

  • No Batman: Jokers will be held to their wager. No chickens.