Whenver something new comes, a lot of activity comes in. A lot of that activity is complaining about the changes or new material. It serves a grand total of Zero (0) purpose, since the wiki is unaffiliated with Playdom and quite frankly is an eyesore. But it's not just that, when you're around for long enough, as all the moderators and administration have, you come to know exactly what will happen, because in addition to being eyesores, these whiners are totally predictable. They might vocalize it a little differently, but it all collects to the same Tenets of Whine.

Note: While I used the male personal pronoun, these apply just the same to Females releases.

  1. His stats/abilities suck, he'll never do any real damage or have any impact on the game, waste of time.
  2. OMG SO OP, he killed me. Nerf Nerf Nerf.
  3. OMG SO OP, His abilities function in a way that makes him a difficult opponent, so everyone's using him How can I possibly fight him???
  4. This sucks, I have to get heroes to get further in the game? How is that fair.
  5. This is all well and good, but why can't playdom fix this minor issue which hasn't got a widesweeping impact on the game's playability, instead of releasing new content which is necessary for the game to keep it's more long term players from growing bored.
  6. He's not worth 90 CP and a Covert Task, he should be cheaper, maybe Playdom should give us a gift for X Holdiay or nonexistent slight and be Free?
  7. Ugh, Too Many X Class, this X Class Definable Attribute Possessing guy should have totally been X Class he has no attributes for.
  8. Why they releasing so much stuff? Doom, Nico, Moonstone, Agunt Venum, Aysmein, Stahp, too fast!
  9. Took them long enough it's been nearly a month since the last release, get off you're lazy behind Playdumb, you exist to keep me sated!
  10. Who's this loser? Where's X character I only know from the occasional minor popular media whom I have no real knowledge of but consider myself a fan of???
  11. He's ugly!, change his sprite Playdom. They should make him a new alt, nevermind that a good majority of the original roster don't have any alt costumes.
  12. X or Y???? Woe is me, if only I had actually collected CP and completed events as they are needed instead of skipping them with gold. It isn't Fair to make us choose or Pay!!!!
  13. What????? why did you nerf him????, I demand a refund for my imbalanced goods!
  14. Hah served you all right for using a hero recruitable for everyone who worked for it, it was unfair and you knew it! Now that he's nerfed, all my troubles are solved~
  15. He's so underpowered, Please Revamp Him!!!! So underpowered!

So, if you're feeling the need to whine or vent. Come see if it's just something we've heard a million times before.

Oh, and special thanks to User:Agent Nomad, I decided you were somewhat right, 12 of my old list wasn't quite your issue since you weren't complaining about needing to choose between anything. Needing to perform in one of the main functions of the game to succeed in it, is now Whine #4.