• Redscores20

    Hello friendly MAA Community.

    I never before wrote a blog on this wiki, but I've been part of MAA since the Ghost Rider SpecOp.

    I have come here with grave news, Marvel officially said they will shut down MAA at the 30th September 2016 (can be seen when entering the game and is in the updates display on this wiki).

    This is seriously a bummer... they released a new spec op and a new 90 cp hero and just released all boundaries (deploys give 75 Shield Points, gold weapons and such, the roulette has only 500 iso8 and gold and has much higher roll chances to get the weapons etc)

    I gotta say I will miss this game because I love 2D RPGs with turnbased combat and this was the only browser game that had good turn based combat beside ports and a few sma…

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