Gotta be honest - never was a fan of the guy. Didn't quite like him, despite all his powers. Would have preferred Iceman, but hey we've got another burning hero, with a couple of nifty buffs and status effects around! I reserve all further comments till I actually get him and use him. And oh look we have a new Group Boss and Lockboxes to unlock the ever-hot (hurhur pun) Satana!

The gear looks like something one could potentially use in PVP and so that's got me excited. I, however, tend to have horrible luck with roulettes, so I'm not going to plan for any use of them just yet. Besides, I like my current setup a little too much!

I'm not going to do this PKB style - he can provide a better list of tasks and how to go about it than I ever could, and I'd be foolish to try and best him. Besides, he probably would have wanted all of us to learn how to do this by ourselves. So this is merely a log of the spec ops, and I'm going to list a few points that I made mistakes about, in Day Order.

Day 1

The first few tasks are relatively simple. I did the single deploy task IN the Spec Ops for the heck of it, and to hasten getting to the Mini Boss. I was VERY disappointed when the Bruiser Demon task came up and I had already cleared all the Bruiser demons on the map, expecting more to show up, but ended doing it on the Hood Mini Boss fight, taking away my two-bird with Taskmaster. After completing the research, the rest of the tasks up to the second research task were pretty straightforward, given that my first round of Mission 1 already earned me two stars. So the next 24 hours will just be farming, prepping to use Satana, and getting ready to continue the rest of the tasks - technically, this means that Day 2 will actually be the third day, but I'm going to count it as Day 2 since is the second day I'm technically playing the Spec Ops.

Day 2

This was surprisingly easy. After defeating Venom (task before the research task) I wound up at the Epic Boss, so I held it there while the research was done, and then completed Satana's skill task. The rest of the tasks up till the third research task didn't even need to be in the Spec Ops, so now i'm just waiting for the last research task to be done (48 hours woots), and then we'll move on!

Day 3 and 4

I'm going to combine these two - primarily because there isn't anything much to say about them. After the research it was 5 Inf Demons. I did three in the main missions and I heard about Blackhearts summons counting so I tried that - they didn't count until I refreshed the page, but yay it was over. Angel's skills were done on a run of 12.2, stars on Mission 2 are already there, PVP battles on practice, and now whoops...just realized that we have to use Daimon in three battles, not use a skill of his thrice! This is going to be a while, but I got one finishing up Mission 2, I'll get another one on a run of Mission 3 I reckon, and then a third one on another run of Mission 3. I'd be more worried about the Lockbox task, because that might mean waiting another few days for more of that BlackDude to come up. But I suppose that's why they give you 23 days for Spec Ops. :P


I'm putting all the rest together, because there's been a lot of waiting inbetween tasks, either about the shortages of ISO8, or the order of matters like Blackheart appearing. As a result I don't quite feel the urge to document day by day, but suffice to say by now it's just going through the motions and it's a matter of time (and ISO8) to get Daimon. I got lucky and already got Satana (which makes some of the fights and teamups a LOT harder), so that takes off some pressure to keep playing!

Here's to getting Daimon, for all of the rest of you!

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