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    Gotta be honest - never was a fan of the guy. Didn't quite like him, despite all his powers. Would have preferred Iceman, but hey we've got another burning hero, with a couple of nifty buffs and status effects around! I reserve all further comments till I actually get him and use him. And oh look we have a new Group Boss and Lockboxes to unlock the ever-hot (hurhur pun) Satana!

    The gear looks like something one could potentially use in PVP and so that's got me excited. I, however, tend to have horrible luck with roulettes, so I'm not going to plan for any use of them just yet. Besides, I like my current setup a little too much!

    I'm not going to do this PKB style - he can provide a better list of tasks and how to go about it than I ever could…

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  • Redbeanjon

    What a choice for the name - reminds me of my anime days of "Ghost in the Shell"! Anyways, here we go! As usual, you'll see the tasks - with rewards means I've completed it, without means not yet. Advice is the last point under the task :)

    Without the lockboxes making an appearance (yet), and the tasks looking like typical tasks, this should mean that we all have an easier time on the UISO8 and getting Antsy than we did in Spec Ops 6. But who knows what Playdom will throw our way! As always, don't panic, there will be time enough for that later.

    EDIT: So there are lockboxes, but they're still the magnetic kind - so all who have Magneto already should rest easy on the ISO-8, and all who don't have the deploys and boss fights to hold them throu…

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  • Redbeanjon

    Ok, so the last tournament got me where I wanted (diamond) but it was nothing to do with strategy - more with volume. This time round (as evidenced by the lateness of this post) I don't quite have the time to deal with volume, so I needed something better. It's a little too late to put up strategy here to help, so this post is very much about documenting feelings and thoughts in a general format. Feel free to stop reading now.

    The fights have been tough, the meta unpredictable (probably because everyone around my level has just about all the heroes and most are level 12), and the bonuses incredible (doubly so for all the gold spenders). I get people with armoury bonuses which are easily 20+k more than me, and hero bonuses which are a third …

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  • Redbeanjon

    So I got Diamond, which is a lot better than what I've been getting on the previous tournaments. Been doing a lot of thinking about it and wondering how come I always got stuck at a particular percentage, when I saw people around my level and with the same bonuses go further up, and so here are my thoughts.

    Toward the end of the tourney I constantly met people who had bonuses twice the values as me. This kinda weirded me out. I did a few screenshots to log and discovered a few things.

    Despite my level, I haven't actually been getting a lot of heroes. I started farming CP late, and so lost out. I'm also aware that one point of time there was a hack that allowed you to force drop stuff (and has since been patched, so don't bother), including C…

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  • Redbeanjon

    Spec Ops 6: Havok

    January 29, 2013 by Redbeanjon

    This is the first time I'm going to log for Spec Ops - as limited as my ability is (nowhere near Potkettleblack), I thought I'd contribute some, especially for the people who have very limited time on the game and don't spend money on gold. Best case, it helps some of you guys. Worst case, it's a journal of my own :)

    (Or worse still, you guys are going to get ahead of me and own me at PVP the next season. C'mon, cut some slack, willya? I already have a hard enough time getting to Gold League at level 175!)

    So here goes the summary! I will update the rewards and the other stuff as soon as I see them, but I got the complete task list first for planning purposes :) I apologise that unlike other users who are much better at this than me, I haven…

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