Like the title says this blog is just for random pvp teams. they can be silly, awesome, OP, meta changing, whatever you want. just make sure to list agent level, your general tier in pvp (silver, gold ,diamond, vibranium, adimantium.) you must include agent suit and gear as well as any E-iso or a-iso on agent and heroes. let me know in the comments how you like the teams I have and if you have any teams of your own. Thanks

So to start out my first team is

Tactician empowered agent. generosity E-Iso 4 gear slots. features skeptic for dealing with pesky magic heroes as well as SOA and nul. techno endo skeleton for dealing with bleed and psychic attacks. SOA for mystic and other annoying buffs and debuffs. WBA. ignore defense and hit harder. whats not too like? Blaster AOU Iron man. overloading E-iso to interrupt pesky tech attacks. and tech upgrade a-iso on level 3. other than that, increased aiming or damage. passive is aou members get boon buster to hit harder. great against deadpool and his healing factor thingie. and hulkbuster passive to deal with hulks and radiation affected people. energy attacks. bleed, burning, radiation, melt armour and when in doubt unibeam. and that's just part one. inside of 3 rounds with some planning you can switch to hulkbuster and gain access to 4 more moves. a melee move that applies exhausted that takes care of tacticians. a repulsor move that still charges unibeam, a multi target or single target attack with strain and iron smash to finish off whatever's left. and if that wasn't enough blaster aint getting the job done? switch to hulkbuster and gain a blaster bruiser combo. great at level 15

to finish of the team. blaster AOU quicksilver. phased frequencies E-Iso so you can hit everything. increased damage a-isos on level 1 6 and 9. pulpy e iso on level 2. 2 stealthy attacks. 2 attacks per turn and a mean hit when blaster power activates. bleed on his level 2 makes tacticians less of a threat since those extra turns makes them bleed faster. hit hard hit fast.

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