So this is my first attempt at adding a page to this wiki. Other than my personal one. And I wanted to say that with the sucess of some other gold requests I thought I would try and see what I could get out of playdoh and Disney. Therefore I just sent an email stating my game story and explaining how much fun I have had so in and so forth. All of which was true. I then asked if it would be possible to receive 8000 gold so that I would have one last chance at testing all of the fun cp and lockbox characters that they had made. I will update this when I have a response. I actually almost think i should have asked for more to get a brief feel of what and adamantium level player would be like.

The reason I asked for soo much gold was because I am missing so man heroes and thought maybe they would be kind enough to let me try them out. Specifically I am missing 10,020cp or 5010 gold worth of heroes. Plus lockbox heroes which is an extra 1360 gold if I get no duplicates which we all know is not going to happen add maybe an extra 500 gold to guarentee getting them. That puts us at 5510 gold out of 8000 leaving us with an extra 2490 gold to spend speed levelling all to lvl 9 for the chance to use all their moves. And I didn't even include the alternate suits cp costs. So while 8000 gold is a lot I'm running on the assumption that the game will never return so it doesn't really cost them anything.

Edit: got a response. Nope no gold for me.

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