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SpecOps 3 cover

Unstable ISOs are a restricted commodity, I set out to to try and complete the Spec Ops tasks in a manner that uses as few U-ISOs as possible, using the experience I gained from completing Spec Ops 2.

This Blog will be my Daily Diary of how I complete Spec Ops 3. Who knows, maybe other folks might find it useful...

Day 1

  • Started Spec Ops 3 prior to collecting my Daily Gifts.
  • Had the Daily Reward pop up automatically and got a Mystical Munition (put it into my PVP armoury)
  • Chose X-Men (though I'm certain that this technique would work chosing the Avengers)
    • Gave Agent Razorgirl a Scrapper Uniform and took Wanda (Level 12) and Remi (Level 10 - whom I'm trying to level)
  • Task 1: Defeat 5 Test Subjects completed in 1.2.5 without using any ISOs.
  • Task 2: Complete a Deploy mission completed in 1.2.5 sans ISOs.
  • Task 3 completed in Spec Op 1.1 using:
    • 10 ISOs for a Yellow Fight
    • 20 ISOs for the Min-Boss (Juggernaut, with a non compulsory Team Up with Emma).
  • Task 4: Get 10 U-ISOs completed by accepting 10 Daily Gifts.
  • Task 5 completed in Spec Ops 1.1 using:
    • 10 U-ISOs for a Red Fight
    • 10 U-ISOs for a Yellow Fight
    • 20 U-ISOs for Boss Fight (Black Widow and Hawkeye in their Avengers Alt Suits and a Team Up with Emma - I have Emma, so I got her as I have her and used her with Scrapper Agent and Gambit. If you don't have Emma, you get to use her in her Phoenix Five Alt Suit)
  • Task 6: Research ... will take 8 hours. : (
  • Time to look at what I can do while I wait...
    • Redoing the Mission gives more opportunities to get a special Boss Item, and Task 23 requires that we complete a 3-Star Mastery in all Five Missions, so three-staring SO1.1 is not a waste of ISO at this point.
    • Each Fight in SO1.1 gave my Agent and Heroes 100xp, so it's not bad for levelling Heroes.
  • Task 7: Two-Star Mastery of 1.1 ... I nearly achieved this with what I had done up until this point. However, since I was a little short, I went through and did another round of SO1.1 while waiting for my Research to complete. This time I chose the Avengers so that I could get a look at what Emma's Phoenix Five Alt's Passives are. This time I gave Agent Razorgirl a Bruiser Suit and took along Tac Avengers Black Widow and Gambit:
    • 10 U-ISOs for a Yellow Fight
    • 20 U-ISOs for the Mini-Boss Avalanche (with a Non-compulsory Team Up with Black Widow)
    • 10 U-ISOs for a Red Fight
    • 10 U-ISOs for a Yellow Fight
    • 20 U-ISOs for Boss Fight: Phoenix Five Emma Frost

After this, I went to bed and when I woke up, my research was complete. : )

Day 2

Despite today being a new day, no Daily Reward. I suspect that this will reset at the same time the Daily Gifts reset.

  • Task 6: Completed. Task 7: Completed. W00t! : )
  • Task 8: Take two X-Men into Battle. Took Gambit and Scarlet Witch into a PVP fight. Discovered that one of these guys doesn't count as an X-Men for this task, even thought they get the X-Force Team Up bonus when used together. Took Gambit and Black Widow into a PVP match and completed the Task. I suspect that because Scarlet Witch is also an Avenger that she doesn't count as one of the X-Men for this task.
  • Task 9: Defeat 10 Jotun. Went to Chapter 5.1 and defeated 10 in the first three fights (Blue, Yellow and Yellow).
  • Task 10: Complete 3 Deploys. 5.1 now has three Deploys for me to do. That's awfully convienient! And I can use these fights to level up Gambit and Emma while I wait for the Deploys to complete (again, no U-ISOs!)...
    • Any Hero, Any Hero and Thor (whom thankfully I already have)
    • If you don't have Thor that's OK, because after I completed a Red Fight two more Deploys appeared (another Any Hero and a Bruiser Deploy)
  • Task 11: Research that taskes 24 hours. : (
  • Task 12: Defeat Executioner. 5.1 has the Executioner as a Boss, so I'm going to pause here for a day and see if defeating him in 5.1 counts.

This is the point that I could go off to 4.4 and Farm CPs to try and get Black Panther, but since I've got other stuff I have to do today, I'm going to leave it here.

Day 3

  • Still no Daily Reward - Boo
  • Task 11: Complete - Yay!
  • Task 12: Defeating Executioner in Chapter 5.1 doesn't count as I expeted, but now I know, and it was worth a try.
    • Defeated Executioner with Gambit and Emma Frost as I'm trying to level them both.
    • Got 1 CP
  • Daily Reward finally kicked in (drum roll): Bauxite Interference Helmet. Supply that basically gives you Emma Frost's power(s).

Day 4

  • Couldn't play today as Gambit was in training and I was busy doing other things, but I did log in and collect and send U-ISOs to all my Allies
  • Daily Reward: 20 Unstable ISOs! SCORE!!!

Day 5

  • Once again, no Daily Reward, and it's after 5pm (when my Daily Gifts reset). I think this is timed 24hrs+ from when we last collected the last Daily Reward. How naff is that! : /
  • Task 13: Defeat Magik and Colossus. So, today I finished off Thor in SO 3.2 and then re-entered SO3.2 on the Avengers side...
    • Yellow
    • Yellow
    • Executioner
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Magik and Colossus
      • Is it just me, or is the Hulk WAY too eloquent? Far too polysyllabic
      • Got 1 CP [sigh]. Better than getting junk...
    • Task 14: Collect 20 ISOs
      • Collected my Daily Gifts
    • Task 15: Use Magik's Stepping Disk 3 Times
      • Grabbed Tactical Strikes from the Store
      • Yellow
      • Yellow
      • Enchantress
      • Yellow - Woooo.... A Cloaking Device as a Fight Drop
      • Red
      • Thor - Because I have both of Thor's Avengers Suits, I was able to equip his Blaster Avenger Suit and thus not have Scrapper Magik fighting a Bruiser Thor
        • Used Magik's Side Steps three times with the help of a Quantum Jumper and a Tactical Strike
        • Got 1 CP... I'm noticing a trend here...
        • Got 3 Stars
    • Task 16: Upgrade the Phoenix Talon to the Phoenix Pinion - Which will take 2 Days

Gonna leave it there for now. Mostly because I'm bushed. The only tasks I have left to do now is to get 3 Stars in SO 3.1 and SO 3.3... And to farm as many CPs as I can to get Black Panther and then Rogue and then Nightcrawler.

Once I've done that, it will be back to Spec Ops to redo the Missions I want to redo until Lady Luck smiles upon me enough to reward me with the Marksman's Spotter and the Cosmic Flame.

Public Holiday in Australia

We had a public holiday in Australia and I went to the Australian Balboa Championships, and while I had a blast I haven't played MAA much at all. I've logged in to collect and send ISOs and to collect my Daily Reward as many days as I had the energy to log on. The results were...

  • 10 Gold!!! W00t!!! There's only a 1% chance of getting this in the daily reward!!!

I've slotted all my Bauxite Interference Helmets in my PVP slots, as they give a decent boost to my Defence Stat. Sadly, the Mystical Munitions are outclassed by my other PVP Attack items, so they're a bit useless to me... Oh well...

  • Task 17: Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2 auto completed

What Day Are We Up To?...

I've lost count...

OK, so post a dance weekend I've been flat out at work and then recovering from being far too vigourous than my fitness level allowed over the weekend. So i'm only just now getting back on track to get Magik. Feel like I'm very behind on the farming CP front, but I'm determined to get there...

  • Daily Reward: Mystical Munition - I'd be OK if I got the Helmet, which I feel is why the Universe is giving me the Munition, because that's how the world works...
  • Task 18: Take 5 Avengers Into Battle
    • Black Widow is in my PVP team, so I went and did my 5 PVP battles for the day and checked this off
  • Task 19: Defeat 10 Hydra Soldiers
  • I'm not up to Chapter 8 in the Standard Missions so I have to complete these in SO3.3, but since I also have to get a 3 Star rating in this Chapter for later on, I'm OK with that
In hindsight, I wish I'd tried to complete this task in Mission 1.1, only to see if I could... Oh well... At least I'm now in a good position to complete Task 21

Task 20: Complete 3 PVP battles

  • Since I'd already use up my 5 PVP Ranked fights as part of my, "take 5 Avengers into a fight" Task, I completed this task with Practice Fights
  • Oh, and defeating Captain America in PVP doesn't count. Hey, you can't knock a girl for trying. ; )
  • I've got a 30xp Sidebar Task to train Colossus, so I figured I'd use these tasks to get him XP'ed up so I can train him
  • Took Gambit and gave my Agent an Inf Suit, and it was at this point that I was forced to use Cyclops as a team up and I have discovered yet another reason to loathe him... The bugger is damned useful! He makes my Agent hit even harder damn him. But no matter how useful he is, he's still cyclops... ; )
  • Got 20 ISOs from the Boss Roulette - can you feel my excitement? ; )
  • Got 1 Star and half way to the 2nd
  • Back through SO 3.3... All my Avengers are at level 12. Gambit has finally got the xp for me to train him, and since all my other Heroes are waiting for training (except Colossus, whom I can't use in the Avengers Storyline), I've decided to go back to Black Widow and Hawkeye so that I can get the Mega Team Up Bonuses for using the two of them

Soon I shall be down to farming CP to get Black Panter, Rogue and Nightcraweler. Which will be good because then I'll have some new Heroes to use and train up.

10 Days to Go

Finally got the Silver to put Gambit into training for level 12.

  • Used Avengers Black Widow and Avengers Hawkeye (both as Infiltrators as I did not want to give the opposing Infiltrators in round three Combat Reflexes. So glad I got both Suits for Hawkeye when I had the chance) in a 3 wave Red Fight. Discovered how useful Immobilizers are in multi wave fights, in that it gave me a moment to load up my team with buffs (Counter Strike on Natasha, Revenge Strike and Armor Piercer on Clint)
  • Task 22: Defeat Cyclops completed
    • Teamed up with Tac Cap (whom I don't have) and used level 12 Tac Avengers Iron Man (all Strong ISOs with two Masterful ISOs to give him a little extra Stamina)
    • Got 1CP from the Boss Roulette - could have been worse
  • Task 23: 3 Star all Missions
    • There's a Yellow mission I now have to skip because Gambit is in training
    • Damn. Just short of three stars - can't help but feel that completing a yellow fight would have given me the points I needed. Oh well
    • This is where I walk away and go farm CP out of standard missions. I have 10 Days to get these Heroes and I'm more than confident that I can do it. I have the Gold to be able to skip this mission if I must, but I'd rather save it for other things. So my plan is to get the CP to get Black Panther, then Rogue (whom I want anyway) then Nightcrawler. If I get too close to the end of Spec Ops, I'll blow the gold on skipping this Task knowing that I have Black Panther to complete the last Task.
    • May spend a bit of time grinding in SO 1.1 because I really want the Marksman's Spotter. It's the only item that looks like it will stay useful regardless of my level.

Then all I need to do is to farm the CP to get Jean's Phoenix Five Alt suits because it looks HAWT.

The Road to Black Panther (Farming CP)

I have Storm, and I'm only up to Chapter 5, so my best option for farming CP is Epic Magneto in 1.4.4. This was my pull each day.

  • Holographic Hand link
  • Chaotic Grenade


  • 1 CP
  • 3 CP


  • 1 CP
  • 3 CP

9 Days Left

  • 1 CP
  • Holographic Hand link


  • 1 CP
  • Chaotic Grenade

8 Days Left

  • 3 CP
  • 3 CP


  • Revenge Strike
  • 3 CP

7 Days Left

  • 5 CP
  • 3 CP


  • Overwatch
  • MFG (it took 17 attempts to get this the first time, and now this is my 3rd one)


  • 1 CP
  • 3 CP

At this point, I've finally have been able to get 90CPs to get Black Panther and thus I know have Magik.

Now my goal is to get the Marksman's Spotter from SO 3.1: X-Men.

Chasing the Loot

The Marksman's Spotter is the only piece of Loot that I actually REALLY want out of the Spec Ops. I'm unlikely to get the CPs to get Rogue and Nightcrawler and still have time to farm Epic Ironman for the Arc Reactor, but the Marksman is achievable. This is what I got each pass through...

6 Days Left

  • 1CP

5 Days Left

  • ISO
  • 1 CP

4 Days Left

  • Frag Grenade - seriously!!!
  • 1CP

3 Days Left

  • 1 CP

2 Days Left

At this point I switched to try and get the Epic Phoenix Gear in SO 3.3: Avengers</p>

  • ISO
  • 1CP


  • 3 CP
  • ISO - seriously!!! From an Epic Boss!!!

1 Day Left

  • MI16 Combat Shotgun
  • ISO - Again?!!! From an Epic Boss?!!!

At this point I ran out of ISOs until our Daily Gifts refreshed (5pm for me). So I'm giving up on the Epic Gear. I might have enough to do all the Flights, but not the Deploys to Fight Phoenix. Oh well, it was worth a try.

RG : )

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