Hero Tiers are a concept that I have seen in the Playdom Forums, where people rank the heroes into "Tiers" ranking from 1 to 4 (1 being the best, 4 the worst).

However, I've found that which hero is "the best" or which hero better than that hero is purely based on opinion, experience and play style, rather than cold hard facts.

For example: Hawkeye is a hot contender for the "worst" hero in the game (for varying definitions of "worst", but I have recently discovered a use for the bugger and have started using him again - who would've thought?!

So, this is how I think the heroes should be ranked. Please feel free to discuss this via the comments section below, or to make your own Hero Tiers via your own Blog Entry (just make sure that you put your Username in the title so that we can tell who's page is who's).

I don't have all the heroes. I have concentrated on purchasing all the Female Heroes and am only now just starting to purchase some of the Male Heroes, so the guys are going to have to be something REALLY special for them to rate above the, "I'll only use them if I have to" category. Also, my main focus is on PVE and getting the highest score that I can. My play style focuses on achieving a Perfect Strategy (not taking ANY damage during a fight) and doing as much damage as possible so that I can get One Shot bonuses and as large an Overkill bonus as I can.

This means that Bruisers are more or less useless to me, since they rely on being hit to power up (there are never enough Scrappers for them to oppose to power up just by hitting Scrappers) and they are far too susceptible to Blasters.

Scrappers are also less useful to me, since my aim is to One Shot the enemy, and thus their Follow Up attack never gets to happen.

Top Tier

Able to accomplish multiple objectives extremely well and their weakness is hard to exploit.

Black Widow
Black Widow FB Artwork 3

Avengers Black Widow

Damage is second only to my Agent and Ms. Marvel. Combined with the ability to strip opponents of their Buffs makes her AMAZING!!!

I have her Avengers suit, so giving all my girls Coordinated Attack doesn't suck. She also has an amazing Team-Up Bonus with Hawkeye.

Greatly under-rated hero!

Hawkeye Dialogue 3

Avengers Hawkeye

Are you surprised to see him in my Top Tier? Because I know I am...

When you're up against pesky high evasion foes that you just can't land a hit on, Hawkeye's your man. Give him LOTS of Strong ISOs to boost his damage and he becomes very usable. Having a Stun and the ability to help your other Heroes hit better makes him very useful. But his biggest draw card is in PVE when teamed up with Black Widow, where between the two of them they will earn you a 200 pt Team-Up Bonus.

Phoenix Dialogue 1


Greatly underestimated hero. Decent amount of damage, though a pity that her Telekinesis has a Cool Down. What really makes her amazing is her Mind Link ability: not only does it give everyone +25% Accuracy (accuracy = crits), but it will allow you to nominate a Hero (or your Agent if that's how you want to play it), whom will now intercept all single target attacks. Pair her up with Shadowcat's ability to ignore all attacks while she's Phased and together they're simply amazing.

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Icon Large 1

Scarlet Witch

Really hard for her to be hit with her passive ability to Reality Warping to nullify an attack. Great damage output so far (not at level 12 yet so can't compare her to the other ladies just yet). Hexed puts a dampener on my opponent's day. Chaos Shield is amazing and can bring a touch of chaos to the equation with random Buffs being applied to all your Heroes and Agent.

She was the first female 90 CP Hero and the developers seemed to have tried to make up for not having any prior to then.

2nd Tier

Able to perform one aspect of the game extremely well but is a bit one dimensional and may be countered

Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde FB Artwork 2

Alternate Costume for Kitty Pryde

Her Phased ability is amazing. The trick with Kitty is to not attack with her, as that will un-Phase her. Just let her attack via Counter Attacks. Much better as an infiltrator as she can Counter Attack Tacticians into the dirt.

The down side can also be an upside. While in PVP not attacking with her means that you're forced to just use a Stamina Recharge or to attack with Lockheed, however in PVE you can use Kitty's actions to Buff your Agent and other Hero with Supplies.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel Icon Large 1

Ms. Marvel

&nbsp Best damage of the Female Heroes that I've seen thus far (caveat: I'm yet to get Emma, Rogue or Wanda to level 12). Absolute bargain at 15 Command Points.


(Alt Costume)

Shroud can make your heroes untouchable. Great single Target attack and a fantastic AoE attack. Even better as a Tactician since her Stats don't change with the change of Class, but now if she's facing off against a Blaster, she can attack the Blaster with Lightning and then use an AoE like Shroud or Tornado.

I love using her, but I've found that I'm giving preference to other Heroes lately, probably because of my desire to maximise my Team-Up Bonuses.

3rd Tier

Able to perform 1 aspect of the game very wellbut not as well as 1st or 2nd Tier Heroes.

Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman-Classic

Invisible Woman

Kitty Pryde's Phased is much better than Invisibility, however I'm finding that I never attack with Kitty as that would un-Phase her, where as with Sue I have the freedom to put up a Shield to protect all my Heroes, or to launch an all out assault with Force Volley. Give her some Strong ISOs and let her amaze you

Mockingbird I'm a control freak when it comes to PVE to maximise my scores, so she doesn't suit my play style at all.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I didn't get her when she was available (had some Real Life issues come up that prevented me from playing MAA that month), but when I did use her in the Team Up I wasn't fan of her at all. I dislike the inability to control if she changes class or not.

She-Hulk Dialogue 1


Fantastic hero and another bargain at 15 Command Points. She was in my first PVP team with Ms. Marvel due to both of them have twin attacks. However, being a Bruiser means that she's very susceptible to Blasters and there just aren't enough Scrappers in the game for her to power up to do awesome amounts of damage (in PVE or PVP). Fantastic starting hero, but she's now losing out in preference to other heroes that can do that little bit more than her.



Her Flying Sword attack is awesome at decimating te enemy, but as good as she is, there are just so many others that I'm turning to before her.

There was a time the I paired her up with Storm in a PVP team, and the two of them were amazing together.

Spider-Woman Icon Large 1


I'm not sure why, but Jessica seems to slip under people's radars. Maybe it's because she's useless against machines like Sentinels, due to all her attacks being Bio Attacks. However, against living targets she's awesome.

4th Tier

I don't use them unless I absolutely have to

Since I only use Female Heroes for the most part, most of the Male Heroes will be here by default.

Black Panther

I would've been more excited about him if it was his sister.

Black Cat
Black Cat Dialogue 1

Black Cat

It wounds me to put Felicia into this category. I love her as a character, but she just doesn't bring enough to the table in this game. Essential to unlock Elektra as an Epic Boss, but aside from that she has been very disappointing.

Captain America So many people seem to LOVE Captain America, but it's not impossible to bring him down. It's difficult, but nothing brings me greater joy, nor a greater sense of achievement (how sad is that).
{C}However, his usefulness can't be denied: always going first. This is a huge advantage. If Steve Rogers is a Tactician (and he almost always is) and you have a Blaster in your PVP group, he has the capability to take out a Blaster before you've had a chance to have your turn. I imagine that this will also work equally well when he's being used in PVE battles too.

Colossus His new Alt Costume has him heralded as the best tank in the game. If he had the ability to take ZERO damage I might be interested, but since he does take damage he prevents me from achieving a Perfect Strategy so he's incompatible with my play style.

Cyclops I hate Cyclops as a character, so I'm against recruiting him on principle.

DareDevil Don't have him, never encounter him. However, maybe when I do get him I will discover that he is an underused asset?

Dr. Strange His ability to heal is only useful if you take damage, but since my play style revolves around not taking any damage in the first place, he's useless to me.

Human Torch There's something about his ego that turns me off. Maybe because he comes across too much like a Jock? Either way, I've never used him, never encountered him, and when I've gotten him through a [Distress Call]] he has been very underwhelming.

Iron Fist Bit of a "non-event". I'm not familiar with him outside of this game, and he hasn't been able to do anything to impress me.

Iron Man Some people like him. He doesn't have the Team Up Bonuses for me to bother with him.

Hulk Takes far too long to charge up and is far to easy to take out before he can get there. At least, that's what he's like to oppose. Once I get him I might change my tune, but I doubt it since this is the reason I don't use ...

Luke Cage Another character that I'm not familiar with this character outside of this game, so I have no emotional attachment to him whatsoever. {C}Doesn't fit my play style and he doesn't do enough damage for my tastes (though with the right ISOs, who knows?).

Mr. Fantastic While I did achieve my best score ever for a Battle using Mr Fantastic and his Wife (though most of that was courtesy of her), I can't say I've been impressed with him during his Team Ups.

However, I'm conscious of the fact that when I did use him, he was a base character without any ISO enhancement, so perhaps with the right modifications he would suit my play style more?

Nightcrawler I haven't been impressed with Nightcrawler's anaemic damage during team ups, but perhaps if I recruit him and jam him full of Strong ISOs it might be a different story... Who knows...

Spider-Man Heralded as one of the best protectors in the game, but far too easy to take out and he doesn't do enough damage (this might be a different story with his Venom Alt Suit, but I never see it.

Thing I'm always disappointed when I get him for a distress call as he never does anything worthwhile.

Thor Lots of people love Thor. I got him while the Avengers suits were available if only because I knew that I'd have to get him at some point to unlock his Premium Mission, and if I had to get him I didn't want him to have a naff winged helmet.

"Capable of 1 hitting an entire team after a maximum of 2 turns (With new uniform or avengers it can accomplish this in 1 turn if used correctly). Extremely tanky with a team buff. The level 1 attack double buffed is able to 1 hit almost anyone in PVP or PVE".

I've yet to see this. Guess I'm not using him correctly. When I face him, he can be taken out in a single turn by a Blaster so he never lasts long enough to be awesome. HOWEVER, I can only assume that if you pair him up with a protective hero (Spider-Man, Captain America, Colossus, etc) then he might be amazing, but for my money, he's far too easy to be taken down.

War Machine Some people love him, others hate him. I think he's one of those characters that if you can learn how to use him, he's fabulous.

Wolverine I'm keen to get Wolverine so that I can do his Premium Mission to get "Snikt" for my Agent. Outside of that, I've never been a fan of him in the comics so he's a non-event to me

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