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So, this weekend I thought I'd try out M:AA on to see if there are any differences, and I've been quite surprised at the outcome...


This is the most obvious diffence right from the start. When you start playing you will be placed into a Guild. The Guilds compete with one another for items (see Tournaments below).

There is a Guild Chat feature to the left of the screen, where you can chat with everyone in your Guild. Different Guilds have different etiquettes regarding this Chat function. Some use it to bond with fellow members, but some Guilds have a "no chit-chat" policy due to chats pushing down notices that can be clicked on for Tournaments.

Gifts work differently

There are different items that you can gift, the way you can gift people is different, and some of the items have a different effect. Different Selection

The items and commodities that you can send and receive are different in Playdom than in Facebook:

Playdom Facebook
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade
Shawarma Shawarma
2 Energy 2 Energy
Extinguisher 2 PVP Challenges
Hemostatic Spray Norton Shield
Smelling Salts First Aid Pack
Web Grenade
S.H.I.E.L.D. Point

Sending Gifts

You have to be level 4 before you can send Gifts.

You can receive Gifts and "Bounce" a gift back to the person that sent it to you. Word is, that you can have unlimited Energy by "Bouncing" Energy gifts back and forth amongst your Allies. However, I hit a message that told me that I couldn't send any more Gifts until I "Invited" more Friends to come and play. 2 hours later I was able to send more Gifts...

I'll play for a bit longer and then update this with my findings unless someone cares to share their experiences...

Gift Requests

If you run out of S.H.I.E.L.D. Point, you can only send one request for more per 24 hours. The request won't go to all your Allies, it will be broadcast across your Guild via the Guild Chat. Everyone that is in your Guild that clicks on that link will send you a SHIELD Point, and those clicks will contribute towards your Guild Tournament.

A tactic that seems to be common place is for people to not send out a Request unless they're in a Guild Tournament for a Command Point, and to then use that Request to help bump their Guild's performance.

Getting Shields

Every time your Agent achieves a new level, a message will be broadcast across your Guild's chat. You will then receive a SHIELD Point for everyone in your Guild that clicks on that post. I think this is to counter that you can't collect SHIELD Points from clicking on Achievement posts on your Allies' Facebook walls.

Gifting Energy

People can gift energy to each other like they can in Facebook, however, when you run out of energy, the system will broadcast a message across the Guild announcing that you're out of energy and requesting them to gift it to you. HOWEVER, when you see that message you should NEVER click on that link and/or gift people energy via this method as it will cost you GOLD to gift them energy - as opposed to you going to your messages section and sending them energy as a standard gift for free.


Every hour your Guild will be put up against another Guild in a Tournament for an item. These items can range from a Strike Patch to a Command Points.

The reward you get if your Guild wins the Tournament (by clicking on more links in your Guild's Chat than the members of the other Guild), so long as you have contributed 30 points or more (ie. you've clicked on 30 or more links).

When your Guild is in a Tournament for a Command Point, you can expect to see a sudden influx of people joining your Guild. However, the reward is also dependent on what level your Agent is.

  • Level 1 - 7 = 1 SHIELD Point
  • Level 8 - 10 = 3 SHIELD Points
  • Level 21 = 1 Command Point


Everyone that plays on the website will have a Playdom account with a Playdom Username. One benefit is that in order to Ally with people, you don't have to open up your life to them by giving them access to your Facebook account.

Other Differences

Norton Shields

Norton Shields protect the entire team, not just one member.

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