So... One of the reasons I was made an Admin was because I like to do things like this: I like to make templates that other people can use.

- Mckrongs is probably going to chime in and tell me that this wasn't one of the reasons, but moving right along...

I've made a new template for you folks to use in your Blogs, so that you can add a fancy table of contents (ie. over on the right in a floating box with a pic at the top). This will only be useful to folks that have lots of Headings in their Blogs...

If you wish to add a TOC that will float on the right with the Wiki's logo in it, simply add this code where you want the TOC to appear...

{{Wiki TOC}}

Now, you may wish to have a Fancy TOC, but you might want to have a different pic, so I've made a second Template wher you can define which image you want use. In order to get one of those, use the following code:

{{Fancy TOC
|Image=Name of Image.png}}
|Size=100px}} - or you can leave this blank if you want the image to be at it's default size, but it can't be any larger than 200px

Some Images you might like to use are:

  • Maa_title.png
  • SpecOps_03_cover.jpg
  • Character_Dialogue.png (obviously put the name of the character your blog is about
  • Item_Name.png

You get the idea. Enjoy!

RG : )

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