There are two male generalist male heroes:

Beast Icon Large 1 Punisher Icon Large 1
Beast Punisher

There is only one hero that can be turned into generalist when using an Alternate Uniform by now:

Quicksilver Icon Large 2
Blue Costume Quicksilver


There are six default Blaster Heroes in MAA:

Cable Icon Large 1 Dr. Strange Icon Large 1 Havok Icon Large 1 Human Torch Icon Large 1
Cable Dr. Strange Havok Human Torch
Iron Man Icon Large 1 Vision Icon Large 1
Iron Man Vision

Also, there are four other heroes that can be turned into Blasters by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

Cyclops Icon Large 2 Hawkeye Icon Large 2 Thor Icon Large 2Thor Icon Large 3 War Machine Icon Large 2
Phoenix Five Cyclops Heroic Age Hawkeye Modern Armor Thor
Avengers Thor
Iron Patriot War Machine


Formed principally by male heroes, bruiser class includes:

Captain Britain Icon Large 1 Colossus Icon Large 1 Hercules Icon Large 1
Captain Britain Colossus Hercules
Hulk Icon Large 1 Thing Icon Large 1 Thor Icon Large 1
Hulk Thing Thor

With an Alternate Uniform, the following become Bruisers:

Captain America Icon Large 2Captain America Icon Large 3 Human Torch Icon Large 2 Spider-Man Icon Large 2
WWII Captain America
Avengers Captain America
Annihilus Human Torch Black Suit Spider-Man


There are three male infiltrators:

Gambit Icon Large 1 Nightcrawler Icon Large 1 Spider-Man Icon Large 1
Gambit Nightcrawler Spider-Man

By equipping an Alternate Uniform, three other male heroes can become infiltrators:

Hawkeye Icon Large 3 Mr. Fantastic Icon Large 2 Wolverine Icon Large 2
Avengers Hawkeye Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic Brown and Tan Wolverine

Also, there's one hero that can change his class to infiltrator while in battle:

Vision Icon Large 1


There are nine male scrapper heroes, which include:

Daredevil Icon Large 1 Deadpool Icon Large 1 Ghost Rider Icon Large 1 Iron Fist Icon Large 1
Daredevil Deadpool Ghost Rider Iron Fist
Luke Cage Icon Large 1 Quicksilver Icon Large 1 Shatterstar Icon Large 1 Union Jack Icon Large 1
Luke Cage Quicksilver Shatterstar Union Jack
Wolverine Icon Large 1

Also, there are five male characters that can be turned into scrappers by using Alternate Uniforms:

Colossus Icon Large 2Colossus Icon Large 3 Hulk Icon Large 2Hulk Icon Large 3 Nightcrawler Icon Large 2 Spider-Man Icon Large 3
Modern Colossus
Phoenix Five Colossus
World War Hulk
Avengers Hulk
Swashbuckler Nightcrawler Future Foundation Spider-Man
Thing Icon Large 2
Future Foundation Thing


There are 10 male heroes:

Black Panther Icon Large 1 Black Knight Icon Large 1 Captain America Icon Large 1 Cyclops Icon Large 1
Black Panther Black Knight Captain America Cyclops
Fantomex Icon Large 1 Hank Pym Icon Large 1 Hawkeye Icon Large 1 Magneto Icon Large 1
Fantomex Hank Pym Hawkeye Magneto/Hero
Mr. Fantastic Icon Large 1 War Machine Icon Large 1
Mr. Fantastic War Machine

Alternate Uniforms can change two male heroes to tacticians:

Dr. Strange Icon Large 2 Iron Man Icon Large 2 Iron Man Icon Large 3 Iron Man Icon Large 4
Modern Dr. Strange Mk V Armor Iron Man
Avengers Iron Man
Mk 42 Armor Iron Man


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