You read it correctly iPhone users; there is a way for us to play M:AA on our iPhones.

It's been REALLY hard for me to hold of writing this review, but I didn't want to get people's hopes up until after I'd been able to test it thoroughly.

And I'm happy to report, that it works an utter charm!!!

So here it is: Photon
The app that will allow you to play Flash games on your iPhone!

Now, OK... Playing M:AA on my iPhone is sub-optimal compared to playing on my computer due to the limited screen realestate, and I can only imagine that iPad users will find this to be super-nifty since I don't have one myself and thus can't test it. But this is my experience, along with some screen shots.

Once it's installed, go to Facecrack and log in. Then go to the game. Down in the bottom right corner will be an icon with a lightning bolt. Click on that and the game will start to load as if you were looking at it on your computer (only a lot smaller). Make sure that you check the icon in the top right corner to expand the page to full screen view.

Accepting and Returning Gifts

Photon Daily Gifts

Accepting Daily Gifts in Photon

This is a little awkward, depending on how fussy you want to be. I like to spread out my gifts amongst my allies, and it was a little awkward to see both the name of my Allies and what the gift was in a manner that I could easilly tap on the x to delete the Gift, without accidentally hitting the green button to accept it. Leaving the gift and selecting the one underneath only works so far, as using the scroll bar on the side is again a little awkward on a phone-sized screen. I predict that iPad Users wouldn't have any issues at all.

Replying to Gift Requests

This is super easy, since the big green button is easy to activate.

Staffing Ally's Jets

Again, this is super easy since the big green button is easy enough to tap.

Remote Operations

This was a little awkward at first, as I needed to resize the resolution so that I could tap on each jet with some amount of accuracy. Once that was done however, selecting heroes and how long I wanted the flights to last was a bunch of big green buttons, so nice and easy.

This alone... The ability to Deploy your Jets before you go into a cinema, or something similar, is AWESOME!


So... This is the pointed end. I have to admit Photon performed at this a lot better than I ever would have thought possible. And there were some interesting size effects that don't happen in the standard game, but do happen when playing out a battle in Photon.

This is where playing on an iPad would be a breeze, as the screen of my phone is just a tiny bit too small to view both the turn sequence and the item/attack selection at the same time.

  • Selecting a Mission is easy enough.
  • Collecting Shield Pts from Allies that have used you in a Distress Call, and selecting a Battle is quite simple
  • Changing and selecting a different hero is easy enough
  • If you like to be able to see how much health and stamina you have, you may have to zoom in with a pinch
  • Select your attack/action of choice. NOTE: You cannot view your enemy's status after you've selected an action. Where ever you tap next will be where the action is targeted. If you need to cancel the action, open the Armoury
  • See what status effects are on your Team with a Tap
  • Here, you can see the STATS of your opponents. Cool huh!
  • Viewing the details of your final score is easy enough

Substandard Resolution

I'm not sure that Photon can be blamed for this, but I've noticed that the resolution of M:AA on my iPhone is much worse than what it is on my laptop. Take a look at what the Flight Deck looks like in the Slideshow above to see what I mean.

Now, if M:AA had been made in Flash correctly, all the graphics should be Vector Images and thus they should scale up or down without any change to their resolution; it's the whole point of Flash. However, it seems that Playdom didn't code M:AA to use Vector Graphics, so the images look... "fuzzy".

But if you're sitting in a waiting room with nothing to do, it beat reading tabloid women's mags.

Things to Look Out For

Coming out of the Messages screen and the News screen can be a bit tricky, and it can be too easy to accidentally tap on one of the Adds the line up to the right of the game. So make sure that you zoom in enough to avoid hitting the adds by accident or you'll have to reload the whole game.

This made me a little nervous while testing playing out a Battle, but it actually worked OK. Can't say that there wouldn't be cries of anguish if I clicked on something by accident during a Spec Ops fight though.

That's it for now. I hope to add more info and more photos soon.

Happy gaming!

RG : )

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