There are two female Generalists:

Mockingbird Icon Large 1 Rogue Icon Large 1
Mockingbird Rogue


Four female heroes are Blasters.

Ms. Marvel Icon Large 1 Phoenix Icon Large 1 Scarlet Witch Icon Large 1 Storm Icon Large 1
Ms. Marvel Phoenix Scarlet Witch Storm

There is only one female hero who can become a Blaster by equipping an Alternate Uniforms:

Invisible Woman Icon Large 2
Future Foundation Invisible Woman


There are three female Bruisers:

She-Hulk Icon Large 1 Valkyrie Icon Large 1 X-23 Icon Large 1
She-Hulk Valkyrie X-23

Two female heroes can become Bruisers by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

Ms. Marvel Icon Large 2 Sif Icon Large 2
Original Ms. Marvel Modern Armor Sif

And one female hero can change to bruiser while in battle:

Omega Sentinel Icon Large 1
Omega Sentinel


Most female heroes are Infiltrators, seven in total.

Black Cat Icon Large 1 Black Widow Icon Large 1 Invisible Woman Icon Large 1 Kitty Pryde Icon Large 1
Black Cat Black Widow Invisible Woman Kitty Pryde
Psylocke Icon Large 1 Tigra Icon Large 1 Wasp Icon Large 1
Psylocke Tigra Wasp

Two female heroes can become Infiltrators by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

Emma Frost Icon Large 2 Phoenix Icon Large 2
Phoenix Five Emma Frost White Crown Phoenix


There are four female Scrappers:

Magik Icon Large 1 Omega Sentinel Icon Large 1 Sif Icon Large 1 Spider-Woman Icon Large 1
Magik Omega Sentinel Sif Spider-Woman

Two female heroes can become Scrappers by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

Black Cat Icon Large 2 Kitty Pryde Icon Large 2
Claws Black Cat Shadowcat Kitty Pryde


There are two female Tacticians:

Emma Frost Icon Large 1 Rescue Icon Large 1
Emma Frost Rescue

But there's another that can change her class to tactician while in battle:

Omega Sentinel Icon Large 1
Omega Sentinel

There are three female heroes who can change into Tacticians by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

Black Widow Icon Large 2Black Widow Icon Large 3 Phoenix Icon Large 3 Storm Icon Large 2
Grey Suit Black Widow
Avengers Black Widow
Phoenix Five Phoenix Classic Storm


  • See also Male Heroes

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