Many people that know me from the Playdom Forum will know of my penchant for campaigning for more Female Heroes in the game. But I'd also like to see more multicuturalism in the game too.

I think comics have evolved beyond just depicting a bunch of white guys being big damned heroes. I can't wait to see heroes with European or Asian heritage (hey, Psylocke fits both of those bills), but I'd also like to see more African heroes too.

And to be clear... I'd like to see Afrcian heroes where we can actually tell that they are African. When I think of Black Panther and War Machine, I can't help but think of the rant Kevin Smith wrote into [Chasing Amy].

Black Heroes in Science Fiction Fantasy03:29

Black Heroes in Science Fiction Fantasy

Hooper X rants about the misrepresentation of Africans in science fiction and fantasy

But there is an answer to this. And yes, he is "yet another X-Men", but I can't help it if a comic whose main storyline is about the oppression of a minority group is comic that is willing to depict different races and genders within their hero lineup.


Cable, Bishop and Cyclops

This is a very long and ranty way of saying...

I can't be the only person that wants to see Bishop added to the game.

: )

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