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  • Razorgirl

    Male Heroes

    May 26, 2013 by Razorgirl

    There are two male generalist male heroes:

    Beast Punisher

    There is only one hero that can be turned into generalist when using an Alternate Uniform by now:

    Blue Costume Quicksilver

    There are six default Blaster Heroes in MAA:

    Cable Dr. Strange Havok Human Torch

    Iron Man Vision

    Also, there are four other heroes that can be turned into Blasters by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

    Phoenix Five Cyclops Heroic Age Hawkeye Modern Armor Thor
    Avengers Thor Iron Patriot War Machine

    Formed principally by male heroes, bruiser class includes:

    Captain Britain Colossus Hercules

    Hulk Thing Thor

    With an Alternate Uniform, the following become Bruisers:

    WWII Captain America
    Avengers Captain America Annihilus Human Torch Black Suit Spider-Man

    There are three male infilt…

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  • Razorgirl

    Female Heroes

    May 26, 2013 by Razorgirl

    There are two female Generalists:

    Mockingbird Rogue

    Four female heroes are Blasters.

    Ms. Marvel Phoenix Scarlet Witch Storm

    There is only one female hero who can become a Blaster by equipping an Alternate Uniforms:

    Future Foundation Invisible Woman

    There are three female Bruisers:

    She-Hulk Valkyrie X-23

    Two female heroes can become Bruisers by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

    Original Ms. Marvel Modern Armor Sif

    And one female hero can change to bruiser while in battle:

    Omega Sentinel

    Most female heroes are Infiltrators, seven in total.

    Black Cat Black Widow Invisible Woman Kitty Pryde

    Psylocke Tigra Wasp

    Two female heroes can become Infiltrators by equipping an Alternate Uniform:

    Phoenix Five Emma Frost White Crown Phoenix

    There are four female Scrappers:


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  • Razorgirl

    M:AA on the iPhone

    November 7, 2012 by Razorgirl

    You read it correctly iPhone users; there is a way for us to play M:AA on our iPhones.

    It's been REALLY hard for me to hold of writing this review, but I didn't want to get people's hopes up until after I'd been able to test it thoroughly.

    And I'm happy to report, that it works an utter charm!!!

    So here it is: Photon
    The app that will allow you to play Flash games on your iPhone!

    Now, OK... Playing M:AA on my iPhone is sub-optimal compared to playing on my computer due to the limited screen realestate, and I can only imagine that iPad users will find this to be super-nifty since I don't have one myself and thus can't test it. But this is my experience, along with some screen shots.

    Once it's installed, go to Facecrack and log in. Then go to the …

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  • Razorgirl

    Many people that know me from the Playdom Forum will know of my penchant for campaigning for more Female Heroes in the game. But I'd also like to see more multicuturalism in the game too.

    I think comics have evolved beyond just depicting a bunch of white guys being big damned heroes. I can't wait to see heroes with European or Asian heritage (hey, Psylocke fits both of those bills), but I'd also like to see more African heroes too.

    And to be clear... I'd like to see Afrcian heroes where we can actually tell that they are African. When I think of Black Panther and War Machine, I can't help but think of the rant Kevin Smith wrote into [Chasing Amy].

    But there is an answer to this. And yes, he is "yet another X-Men", but I can't help it if a co…

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  • Razorgirl

    Given the info released in New York on 13 October 2012 (see Psylocke), I can't help but feel that Psylocke will be a reward character for a Special Operations, which will have a British theme/team. Fifth Special Ops maybe?...

    Anyone else care to chime in with their thoughts/2¢?

    RG : )

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