(read in a robotic voice, LOL)

Greetings fellow players,

I've just made a profie and am not new to the game i started  few days before pvp season 9 ended, i wish i played faster to get angel for free. Ive quickly rose to beacome great at the game by my brother who showed me how to play the game and he'd been a daily player since spec ops two. And i quick out leveled him in the ares spec ops and won the impowered armor unlikes him (lols). my first costume was hawkeyes heroic age suit and i never regreted it but i sure hate facing on in pvp. i was jumpin with joys when i gots rescue and mk42 armor and iron patriots. I never spend more the $5 in the game which is 20 gold. resuce was 30 so i lvl 10 time and gots her. And $5 every spec ops(obvious reasons *cough Cough 25 gold hint hint). I wish i got juggs. Recently i gots inventive iso and rogue like Yays. 

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