Well guys, this is my suggestion for the new uniform of Kitty Pryde.

Shinobi Kitty Pryde: Image CostumeImage Costume 2

Passive Skills: 

  •  Phaser Saver - Chance to grant an ally "Phased" before they are attacked.(10%)
  • [NEW] Walking in the Shadows - Has 25% chance to become Phased before an enemy attack. Removes and prevent Off-balance while Phased. Attacks become Stealthy and True Sight.
  • Lockheed - Protected by a dragon friend (10%)


Lv. 1 - Shadow Strike

2 hits, One Enemy, Melee Slashing. Stealthy and True Sight. Apply Phased.

Internal Bleeding, Pin Cushion

Lv. 2 - Sneak Attack

1 hit, One Enemy, Melee. Stealthy, Deadly Crits, Phased Advantage, Exploits Exposure and True Sight

Lv. 6 - Blocker Flows

2 hits, One Enemy, Melee Unarmed, Stealthy, Hemorragic Attack, True Sight and Phased Attack (Cannot be used if not Phased. Does not remove or benefit from Phased)

Fried Circuits, Malfunction and Incapacitation. 1 Rounds Cooldown.

Lv. 9 - Stance of the Shadow Dragon

(Kitty Pryde and Lockheed attacked together)

5 Hits, One Enemy, Slashing Melee, Summon Attack (Added "Does not remove or benefit from Phased" in the description), Stealthy, High Crits and True Sight.

Soulfire, Internal Bleeding and Exposed. 2 Rounds Cooldown.

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