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This is my Revamp for Phoenix

  • Passive Skills:

Death and Rebirth - The next time an ally would die, they have a 70% chance to be healed to 30% Health.

Flying - Immune to ground attacks.

Mental Resilience - Chance to block Psychic attacks. Takes less damage from psychic attacks.

Phoenix Rebirth - Restores Health over time [NEW PASSIVE]




One Enemy / Cooldown: n/a / # of Hits: 1 / Ranged Fire Energy

Special Properties: Psychic Energy Attack

One Enemy: Migraine



All Enemies / Cooldown: 1 Round / # of Hits: 1 / Ranged

Special Properties: Desperation Attack

All Enemies: Stun (60% chance) and Disadvantage (30% chance)

Phoenix-Mind Link

Mental Link:

Buff / Cooldown: 3 Rounds

Special Properties: Quick Action

All Allies: Focused and Soul's Wrath

One Ally or One Enemy: Mind Link (Only enemies with Migraine) 

Phoenix-Phoenix Fire

Phoenix Fire

All Enemies / Cooldown: 3 Rounds / # of Hits: 1 / Explosion Ranged

Special Properties: Catastrophic / Psychic Energy Attack / Cycle of Life

All Allies: Cleansing Fire

'E-iso: Replace' Consuming Empowered Iso-8 for Rebirth Empowered Iso-8

Rebirth Empowered Iso-8: Adds New Passive Skill "I AM PHOENIX"

I AM PHOENIX - Counter-Attack with Phoenix Fire after use Death and Rebirth.


 Consuming Augmented Iso-8 - Adds Soulfire in Psy-Blast

Healer Augmented Iso-8 - Adds Regenerative Flames in Phoenix Fire.

Regenerative Flames Restores 15% Health of all allies.

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