Marvel NOW! Magik

This is my suggestion for a NEW costume for Magik.

PS: I hate her classic costume, despite loving the character.


Ruler of Limbo: Chance when attacking or attacked to summon Eyebites (7.2%)

Limbo Passport: 15% chance to evade any attack and grants an new stack of Soul Charge when an attack is dodged this way. (Can be applied 3 times.)

Darkchylde: Immune to Magic effects. Takes reduced damage from Magic attacks.



Large Soulsword (Lv. 1) (Change icon)

2 Hits / One Enemy / Cooldown: n/a / Magic Slashing Melee

((The animation is the same, only now she makes two attacks instead of one))

Special Properties: Ethereal Strike

One Enemy: Bane

Self: Stepping Razor and Soul Charge.

Magik-Stepping Disc

Stepping Disc (Lv. 2) (Change Icon)

1 Hit / One Enemy / Cooldown: 1 Round / Magic Slashing Melee

'(('The animation is the same))

Special Properties: Ethereal StrikeGuaranteed Hit and Stealthy.

One Enemy: Incapacitation and Remove Buffs

Self: Soul Charge

Nico Minoru-You Suck!

One Minute Ago... (Lv. 6) (Change Icon)

Magic Buff / Only Ally / Cooldown: 2 Rounds

Special Properties: Quick Action

One Ally: Time Shift

Self: Soul Charge

Magik-Unleash Hell

Call the Limbo (Lv. 9) (Change Icon)

Magic Summon Debuff / ALL / Cooldown: 3 Rounds

Special Properties: Summon AttackSubtle and My Kingdom, My Rules (Can only be used with 3 stacks of Soul Charge)

All Enemies: Pressure PointsBreakdown and Opportunist.

All: Call to Limbo (Transports combatants to the Limbo - Buff/ 2 Rounds)

Details - Call to Limbo

  • This effect changes the current combat background into the Limbo combat background.
  • Returns to the original combat background when expired.


Power of Limbo (Lv. 9.1)

1 Hit / One Enemy / Cooldown: 1 Round / Magic Energy Ranged

Special Properties: Ignore DefenseSoul Charge: Paragon Exploiter, Two Charge: Exploit OpportunityFull Charge: Exploit Attrition and Changing the Rules (While Call the Limbo is active, this action is replaced with Power of Limbo).

One Enemy: Shield Breaker

E-iso: Summoning Empowered Iso-8.

Summoning Empowered Iso-8 - Adds new Passive Skill: Demons War

Demons War: 10% chance to Auspex make a follow-up attack after Magik attack. 10% chance to Sicuspcis make a counter-attack after Magik or Ally receiving damage.

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