Marvel NOW! Cyclops

Tactician - 70 CP

Blaster - 80 CP

Passive Skills

  • Natural Leader - Has a chance of giving Morale Boost to allies that take damage, increasing all stats.
  • Maximun Optic Power - Has a chance (35%) to make Optic Burst attacks All Enemies. Has chance (35%) to make Channeled Optic Blast attacks single target-attack.
  • Strategic Renewal - Chance to apply BlindedCower,DisorientedFumbling, or Weak Point before an enemy attack. Counter-attacks the enemy after that attack with Suitable Combat.


Optic Burst (Lv. 1)

One Enemy / One Hit / Cooldown: n/a / Kinetic Ranged

Special Properties: Deadly Crits and Boon Buster

One Enemy: Laser Burn

Self: More Power! (Increases the damage and accuracy of Optic Burst. Removed if not refreshed each round)

Mutant and Proud (Lv. 2)

Buff / All Allies / Cooldown: 3 rounds

Special Properties: Quick Action

All Allies: Combat Awareness and The Sun Also Rises

Suitable Combat (Lv. 6)

One Enemy / 2 Hits / Cooldown: n/a / Unarmed Melee

Special Properties: True Strike

One Enemy:  Flanked and Disadvantage

Channeled Optic Blast (Lv. 9)

All Enemies / One Hit / Cooldown: 1 Round / Energy Ranged Explosion

Special Properties: Deadly CritsCatastrophic and Desperation Attack

All Enemies: Weak Point (30% chance), Disabled (60%) and Remove Buffs(10%)

Icon Skills:

Optic Burst (Lv. 1)

Mutant and Proud (Lv. 2)

Suitable Combat (Lv. 6)

Channeled Optic Blast (Lv. 9)

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