• RasputinBR

    Passive Skill:

    • Electron Harnessing - Grants Ambient Particles to allies when they attack or are attacked. All Ambient Particles are removed when Black Bolt is KO'ed
    • Flying - Immune to ground attacks




    2 Hits / One Enemy / Cooldown: n/a / Unarmed Melee

    Special Properties: Deadly Crits

    One Enemy: Off-balance, Winded and Cornered

    Self: Rising Up


    1 Hit / One Enemy / Cooldown: 2 Rounds / Unarmed Melee

    Special Properties: Quick Action

    One Enemy: Combo Setup

    All Allies: Ambient Particles

    Self: Kree Speed

    (LV. 6) WHISPER

    1 Hit / All Enemies / Cooldown: 2 Rounds - starts cooled down (1 Round) / Ranged Sonic

    Special Properties: Catastrophic

    All Enemies: Incapacitation, Hobbled and Buff Blocker (50% chance)


    (LV. 9) POWER…

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  • RasputinBR

    Marvel NOW! Cyclops

    July 28, 2014 by RasputinBR

    Marvel NOW! Cyclops

    Tactician - 70 CP

    Blaster - 80 CP

    Passive Skills

    • Natural Leader - Has a chance of giving Morale Boost to allies that take damage, increasing all stats.
    • Maximun Optic Power - Has a chance (35%) to make Optic Burst attacks All Enemies. Has chance (35%) to make Channeled Optic Blast attacks single target-attack.
    • Strategic Renewal - Chance to apply BlindedCower,DisorientedFumbling, or Weak Point before an enemy attack. Counter-attacks the enemy after that attack with Suitable Combat.


    One Enemy / One Hit / Cooldown: n/a / Kinetic Ranged

    Special Properties: Deadly Crits and Boon Buster

    One Enemy: Laser Burn

    Self: More Power! (Increases the damage and accuracy of Optic Burst. Removed if not refreshed each round)

    Buff / All Alli…

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  • RasputinBR

    Marvel NOW! Magik

    July 28, 2014 by RasputinBR

    Marvel NOW! Magik


    Ruler of Limbo: Chance when attacking or attacked to summon Eyebites (7.2%)

    Limbo Passport: 15% chance to evade any attack and grants an new stack of Soul Charge when an attack is dodged this way. (Can be applied 3 times.)

    Darkchylde: Immune to Magic effects. Takes reduced damage from Magic attacks.



    Large Soulsword (Lv. 1) (Change icon)

    2 Hits / One Enemy / Cooldown: n/a / Magic Slashing Melee

    ((The animation is the same, only now she makes two attacks instead of one))

    Special Properties: Ethereal Strike

    One Enemy: Bane

    Self: Stepping Razor and Soul Charge.


    Stepping Disc (Lv. 2) (Change Icon)

    1 Hit / One Enemy / Cooldown: 1 Round / Magic Slashing Melee

    '(('The animation is the same))

    Special Properties: Ethereal S…

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  • RasputinBR

    Phoenix Revamp

    July 21, 2014 by RasputinBR

    • Passive Skills:

    Death and Rebirth - The next time an ally would die, they have a 70% chance to be healed to 30% Health.

    Flying - Immune to ground attacks.

    Mental Resilience - Chance to block Psychic attacks. Takes less damage from psychic attacks.

    Phoenix Rebirth - Restores Health over time [NEW PASSIVE]



    One Enemy / Cooldown: n/a / # of Hits: 1 / Ranged Fire Energy

    Special Properties: Psychic Energy Attack

    One Enemy: Migraine


    All Enemies / Cooldown: 1 Round / # of Hits: 1 / Ranged

    Special Properties: Desperation Attack

    All Enemies: Stun (60% chance) and Disadvantage (30% chance)

    Mental Link:

    Buff / Cooldown: 3 Rounds

    Special Properties: Quick Action

    All Allies: Focused and Soul's Wrath

    One Ally or One Enemy: Mind Link (Only …

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  • RasputinBR

    Shinobi Kitty Pryde

    July 19, 2014 by RasputinBR

    Well guys, this is my suggestion for the new uniform of Kitty Pryde.

    Shinobi Kitty Pryde: Image Costume, Image Costume 2

    Passive Skills: 

    •  Phaser Saver - Chance to grant an ally "Phased" before they are attacked.(10%)
    • [NEW] Walking in the Shadows - Has 25% chance to become Phased before an enemy attack. Removes and prevent Off-balance while Phased. Attacks become Stealthy and True Sight.
    • Lockheed - Protected by a dragon friend (10%)


    Lv. 1 - Shadow Strike

    2 hits, One Enemy, Melee Slashing. Stealthy and True Sight. Apply Phased.

    Internal Bleeding, Pin Cushion

    Lv. 2 - Sneak Attack

    1 hit, One Enemy, Melee. Stealthy, Deadly Crits, Phased Advantage, Exploits Exposure and True Sight

    Lv. 6 - Blocker Flows

    2 hits, One Enemy, Melee Unarmed, Stealthy, He…

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