Next Generation


It's probably inevitable that we will get more and more characters as the Marvel Avengers Alliance adventure progresses, so I think it's a safe bet that the Generation X kids will be making an appearance sometime soon.  So what will we be likely to see in the coming months?  My hope is for some of the following to make an appearance; they're all mutants so at least you know the bonuses are going to be there.


My personal favourite of the X-Men young'uns, Jubilation Lee is able, in her initial incarnation, to generate potentially blinding firework displays and seems to be able to focus these sparks into a powerful blast that can explode an enemy even if it is a robotic one.

If you go further on in the series (I never did, to be honest) she has vampiric powers as well, although the two skills don't appear to overlap.

She seems to be able to evade the psychic powers of various characters, Professor X and Jean Gray included.  This can be handy.  She is also trained as a gymnast, just like her parents.  What's not to like about this girl?


Jono Starsmore is able to use his psionic powers to blast away at enemies.  He also has telepathy in his arsenal, and seems to be made of pure energy as he was largely unaffected by the blast he caused himself when the first manifestation of his powers appeared.  No cut, burn or blast can do as much damage to his body as his own powers did right from the start.  Not exactly the pretty-boy of the group, but he has the skills.


This is not just a mutant we're talking about - she is a super, souped-up heroine.  Her powers seem to be an excelling of everything that humans and mutants can do, including psychic and healing powers along with the massively heightened senses of hearing, sight, etc.  Fast, strong and more than capable of handling everything, this girl is truly worthy of the title homo superior.  Superhuman speed, strength and agility may mean she will be an expensive addition to the group.

Other Characters

There are some omissions from the new batch here, for example Sync and Skin.  The simple reason for this is that, unless my reading is not up to date, they are both dead.  Then again, we have a Hawkeye character in here.  Feel free to add any you think might be on the horizon, or comment if you think I have anything wrong (I probably have).

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