Phoenix might be the strongest mutant i know. But in the game, she's very weak and even with her P5 costume, she's still weak. So i propose a new set of abilities.

Passive : Flying, Mental Resillience, Psychic Block (Protect the mind of allies and making them immune of psychic attack), Death and Rebirth, Dark Phoenix Transformation.

When Death and Rebirth triggers, Phoenix turns into Dark Phoenix, and unlock more powerful powers.

1. Phoenix Fire (the same one with the usual but will reapply Death and Rebirth)

2. Telekinetic Grab : All enemies, inflict Mental Anguish and Immobilize.

'3. Death Wave : All enemies. Applies Burning. Stop any regeneration buffs on enemies. 'Instant KO to one of the enemies without protection. (Can only used if Dark Phoenix is in full stamina.)

'4. Psychic Control : All and Subtle. Dark Phoenix will inflict Mind Control to all enemies but will remove debuffs from allies and herself. She will gain Psychic 'Control, which will turn her back to Phoenix and drain her stamina but she will project Telekinetic Force Field which only shield her when she's temporary weak.

I know she sounds OP, but I just wish they add this.

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