So far I've done fairly well. Started a bit earlier than I had planned, but am now hovering at the top end of Vibranium. My stats so far:

  • Total wins: 125 - Attacking: 88; Defending: 42
  • Total losses: 98 - Attacking: 27; Defending: 73

Throwing some complicated-looking math into this, this is what my win/loss ratios look like:

  • Attacking: 75.45%
  • Defending: 37.17%

Not bad, considering that a) I haven't really settled on an AFK setup yet, and b) a lot of my Attacking losses are due to the refresh bug. Note that this puts my Attack and Defense fights at almost even (115 Attack, 114 Defense). I don't know yet what the implications are of the figures above, but for now winning on the Attack is the more-or-less controllable variable. We'll see.

I've found a defensive setup that has meet with some success, but I'll decline to discuss for now, as I don't have enough of a sample size to judge how reliable it is. 

As for my Attacking team, as the blog post title suggests, it has something to do with getting past tanks. Take a look:


  • Agent: Power Armor Infiltrator - Hoarfrost Mace, Nanite Inductive Nailgun, Quantum Jumper, Odin's Staff
  • Tactician Grey Black Widow (GBW)
  • Infiltrator White Crown Phoenix (WCP)

WCP's new Death and Rebirth (D&R) passive is the key reason for her use, as it keeps my otherwise squishy "tank" Agent much more resilient. As for her attacks, I only really use her Lvl 1 (Psychic Energy, same as the Phoenix Pinion), and resort to her Lvl 6 if she has Mental Anguish on. Goes without saying that I use her Lvl9 as soon as it is available, in order to reset D&R.

GBW is Stealthy, a debuffer and a Stunner. (Insert Scarlett Johannson references here.) She is the main anti-tank toon of choice. She can take out a tank on her own, but I prefer to utilize her skills to get past the tank and get to the other two toons first.

Since both Heroes are in their alternate hero classes, this is not a build I'd recommend for Defense. I would, however, keep WCP on for her passive, make a few changes to the Agent gear, and swap out GBW for another Hero with a more consistent AI. My current candidates are Ghost Rider, Tactician Modern Strange, and P5 Tactitian Emma Frost. All three of them have some sort of self-preservation mechanism that *should* keep them alive, apart from D&R.

The Agent hardly attacks. His rounds usually go QJ > Odin's Staff > QJ. The Mace's purpose is obvious, while NIN helps with Agent longevity and counterattacks.

For clarification purposes, I've only settled on this team for about half my initiated fights. Prior to that, I was switching and experimenting often.

We'll see if this is a good enough setup to carry me to Adamantium. Then we can worry about staying there afterwards.

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