I know I said I wouldn't play PvP if PD didn't change the stuff I found to be highly problematic . That said, PD *did* make the following metagame-altering changes:

  1. Grief is no longer Stealthy, and has been given a damage nerf.
  2. Power of Four starts with a 1-round cooldown.
  3. Cap no longer goes first.
  4. Quantum Jumper no longer grants the Agent an extra turn after its use, but has had its cooldown reduced to 2 rounds.
  5. Grey Black Widow has been retooled to be a tank/Protector-killer.

Granted, Change #5 was done only in the past few days, but GBW is now very useful on the attack, and is a CP-inexpensive alternative to other tank killers (e.g. Beast or Black Panther, both of whom cost 90 CP). More on this later.

At first, I figured it would be okay to delay the combo aspect of Blade Rush into the second round. Quicksilver quickly changed my mind (pardon the pun). Round Two is late game, and relying on Po4 to "get me there" in the second round is not viable.

So where does that leave me now? 

I've been switching team members around, mixing and matching Heroes and gear until I finally settled on something I could reasonably depend on on the attack. I present: Team Jank.

Agent: Infiltrator (not the Power Armor, as I currently don't have enough Gold to outfit it properly)
  • Phoenix Pinion
  • Coulson's Revenge
  • Magnetic Field Generator
  • Quantum Jumper
Tactician Grey Black Widow
Scrapper Modern Colossus

This team tries (to some extent) to incorporate some of the insights from this blog entry on "turn advantage." Coulson's Revenge grants Coordinated Attack, which procs extra attacks. Quantum Jumper is obvious, while MFG isn't as straightforward as "extra turns," as it can reasonably negate a turn (if the damage isn't enough to remove it), or reduce the damage AND add a turn.

Scrapper Colossus is there to force an AFK team to play inefficiently, especially if it lacks Psychic/Subtle/Stealthy attacks.

GBW is there to help me play more efficiently by removing Protect passives from WWII Cap and Modern Colossus, as well as doing an abnormally large amount of damage with Flying Kick. It's too bad that the AI cannot play her properly AFK, as she would be a mainstay in my team otherwise.

As for AFK, I'm still trying to find the right mix. I generally win only 25% of my AFK fights, and I'm looking to boost that to at least 40%. I leave in Colossus, though I believe WWII Bruiser Cap is the better option. I don't use the better option for the same reason I don't use the Power Armor: no Gold for ISO. =/ The third team member is the mystery. I'm tempted to go Colossus/Cap just to mess people up. Maybe when I can ISO Cap better.

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