Post Season 2 Report: I didn't wake up to my alarm and slept through the last 5 hours. LOL. Still wound up in Vibranium, which honestly surprised me; when I finally did wake up, I was prepared for the worst (i.e. Diamond), so Vibranium was a pleasant surprise.

The good news is that I still have a sizeable stock of Challenge points that I never got to use, so they're available for Season 3.

Speaking of which, my plans for Season 3 are:

  1. Start late. Right now I've just been practicing, capping off Spec Ops 5 and Chapter 9, and leveling up Heroes. I'm currently farming for Dark Sigil (yep, still don't have it), after which I'll switch over to 7.3 to farm the high-level deploys. Given how easily I reached Adamantium within the first two weeks of Season 2, I feel that there's no real need to rush things or to even participate immediately. I also don't want to be caught with PD releasing any new content (e.g. Chapter 10) and forcing me to alternate between PvE and PvP setups during this Season.
  2. Figure out ways to beat the Hoarfrost Mace ~ Nanite Inductive Nailgun setup with minimum effort. I've faced this setup several times during practice, and while it's not unbeatable, it is very much annoying to deal with, especially given the skewed proc rates for AFK teams. On the other hand, I've also used this setup along with P5 Tac Emma and Ghost Rider (who isn't even at Lvl 9), and I am fully convinced that this is a solid team to run AFK.
  3. Settle on a team I can be comfortable with for both initiating fights and for PvP. One of my frustrations this past Season was that I could never really get the right team mix that I wanted. I wound up running a hodgepodge team that, while effective on offense, simply sucked AFK. I might settle on the above setup, or I may run a more DOT-ish build, replacing Emma with Mod Strange. I haven't really decided yet. More Practice fights will hopefully provide some direction.

As always, best of luck to everyone!

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