As I'm writing this, I'm trying (with much effort) to get into Adamantium league after eating a -300 ELO dip from AFK losses. I don't know if I'll make it, but for sure I'm going to give this a shot. =)

You may notice that I've logged this in as "Blade Rush Ver. 3." You're not seeing things, that's not a typo. Yes, I have changed up my setup ever so slightly to accomodate P4 Tactician Emma Frost, substituting for Mockingbird.

The main consideration for this change can be expressed in one word: Grief. Not since the days of pre-"balancing" Phoenix Flare have we seen such ridiculous game imbalance in M:AA PvP - the sad thing being those days were only a little over a month ago. You'd think that PD would have learned from its Phoenix Flare mistake and subsequent "balancing" act, yet there they went again with an insanely overpowered Attack-All weapon that gets past Protect and Counter abilities - and this is even after introducing a new Protect-from-anything Counter-everything hero in Hercules!

The situation has gotten to the point where in the upper reaches of Vibranium league up to Adamantium league, it becomes a coin-flip contest to see whose Agent can use Power of 4 first. Strategy has taken a backseat to luck.

Nevertheless, I am almost guaranteed to remain in Vibranium League, and Deadpool *should* be available for CP purchase by December (if the initial forum announcement is correct), so all told I won't lose anything if I don't get into Adamantium. For this I am quite happy.

As I go along, I'll place Comments on my progress. May the odds be ever in my favor!

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