It's been over 20 hours since I last got challenged AFK. I'm starting to worry that this will bite me in the ass later on, but for now I'm taking advantage and trying to get as far as I possibly can today.

And two hours later, I'm in Adamantium League! ^_^ Though probably not for long, considering how high ELO losses are from AFK fights.

Speaking of which...

~ ~ ~

As the mean score in my level range rises and the 1500-1600 ELO range becomes more crowded, a solid AFK setup will become more important, as that is where my ELO will dip. In the main MAA forums, some of the those already firmly established in the Adamantium League have offered some advice, and other posters have hinted at some AFK setups that can be used.

One of the posts caught my attention, as it claimed to have faced the TS and hinted at the TS having taken the first nine turns of the fight.

First nine turns?

I'd seen something like that before. This was the setup:

Agent - Generalist; loadout unknown, as I got my combo off before his Agent went online


Captain America - can't remember if it was WWII or Avengers, but with the possible Agent loadout below, the Avengers suit would make more sense.

Quicksilver and Cap take care of the first 3 turns. How can the Agent add another 6?

Quantum Jumper adds two for QS and Cap, and gives the Agent a turn. Including the turn the Agent uses QJ, that's 7 turns immediately.

As for the remaining two turns, I can only guess that it comes from an Agent loadout of at least 2 Heavy Ion Beams, and another Quick Action gear. As a poor man's replacement, one could conceivably substitute 2 S.A. Pincers, except that would lead to downtime during the next round. Not the best of ways to recover in case this first-turn onslaught doesn't incapacitate the opposing team.

The concept is intriguing, but unfortunately it will take me some time to get QS up to that level. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I'm keeping my current config intact to stem the ELO bleeding during AFK onslaughts.

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