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    The original concept of "fundamental turn" comes from Magic: The Gathering, particularly from Pro-player and writer Zvi Mowshowitz . In a nutshell, the concept talks about a critical "turn" in a Magic game where a player using a particular kind of Magic deck will a) win outright, or b) set up his game position such that victory is largely assured. I thought about this when I was having a discussion on why I felt that an Agent with a full-on Demon set is arguably the strongest defensive Agent setup in M:AA today. At first I couldn't put my finger on why I thought that way, I just relied on my experience where, stats and level generally equal, a Demon-set Agent would hand me my ass. Then I remembered the concept of the fundamental turn, and …

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    Quick summary: Vibranium for the third time in three Seasons.

    The Long Story: Out of the three items I had on my Season 3 Plan , here's what I did:

    '#1 - Start late.'

    What I Really Did: I did start late, but I started a lot earlier than I had originally planned (three weeks before the end rather than two). As what happened in the last Season, I made it into Adamantium multiple times prior to the end of the Season, only to suffer a string of losses that kicked me back into Diamond/Vibranium.

    That said, my experience seems to indicate that the actual time you start participating in a Season doesn't really matter, for as long as you can make a sustained push into Adamantium with a 200-300 point buffer (the bigger, the better) from the Vibarnium c…

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    So far I've done fairly well. Started a bit earlier than I had planned, but am now hovering at the top end of Vibranium. My stats so far:

    • Total wins: 125 - Attacking: 88; Defending: 42
    • Total losses: 98 - Attacking: 27; Defending: 73

    Throwing some complicated-looking math into this, this is what my win/loss ratios look like:

    • Attacking: 75.45%
    • Defending: 37.17%

    Not bad, considering that a) I haven't really settled on an AFK setup yet, and b) a lot of my Attacking losses are due to the refresh bug. Note that this puts my Attack and Defense fights at almost even (115 Attack, 114 Defense). I don't know yet what the implications are of the figures above, but for now winning on the Attack is the more-or-less controllable variable. We'll see.

    I've found …

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    Post Season 2 Report: I didn't wake up to my alarm and slept through the last 5 hours. LOL. Still wound up in Vibranium, which honestly surprised me; when I finally did wake up, I was prepared for the worst (i.e. Diamond), so Vibranium was a pleasant surprise.

    The good news is that I still have a sizeable stock of Challenge points that I never got to use, so they're available for Season 3.

    Speaking of which, my plans for Season 3 are:

    1. Start late. Right now I've just been practicing, capping off Spec Ops 5 and Chapter 9, and leveling up Heroes. I'm currently farming for Dark Sigil (yep, still don't have it), after which I'll switch over to 7.3 to farm the high-level deploys. Given how easily I reached Adamantium within the first two weeks of S…
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    I know I said I wouldn't play PvP if PD didn't change the stuff I found to be highly problematic . That said, PD *did* make the following metagame-altering changes:

    1. Grief is no longer Stealthy, and has been given a damage nerf.
    2. Power of Four starts with a 1-round cooldown.
    3. Cap no longer goes first.
    4. Quantum Jumper no longer grants the Agent an extra turn after its use, but has had its cooldown reduced to 2 rounds.
    5. Grey Black Widow has been retooled to be a tank/Protector-killer.

    Granted, Change #5 was done only in the past few days, but GBW is now very useful on the attack, and is a CP-inexpensive alternative to other tank killers (e.g. Beast or Black Panther, both of whom cost 90 CP). More on this later.

    At first, I figured it would be okay to de…

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