So I finally hit 300! Hooray! This was the point I was waiting for. Instead of getting attack ten thousand times a day, I will only get attacked ten times. Being as there were twenty something days left in the PVP season I figured I would go for it, as planned. "Once I hit 300, I start up on PVP again."

I started of at about 500 rating because of being attacked so much and only doing my 5 wins every day. I was climbing really well for a long time, easily cleaning everything up. Chugging along I start getting a decent rating, and then I get to about vibranium and things start to change. I start seeing one item, or one character EVERY SINGLE MATCH. Mystic/NC, without fail, one of those two thing, in every match. 

I win a decent amount of them, but I'm not really consistently winning more than 70% of them and that's if I'm lucky. I decide to start switching up my strategy because I'm not really getting anywhere. I change to one strat, doesn't help, change to another, doesn't help, another, another, another, nothing matters. AI fix on SoA/Blackest void makes any buff teams not work, and I'm killed or crippled before Mystic shroud or Pious prayer wear off so debuffs never work. So I go to a flat damage team, and then it just becomes a crapshoot. I win some, I lose some, still not really getting anywhere.

There is no strategy anymore. Just flat damage. That's it. Nothing else. You do more flat damage, you win. Not buffed damage, not exploiting damage, not DoT damage, just damage. Flat damage. The statement and argument before was "Don't depend on buff teams SoA and many others will just get rid of them" similarly said about debuff teams, but getting around SoA and similar effects was annoying, but not incredibly difficult. You had three round CDs on most of them so you could build strategies to around that. Now it's just survive two to three round and then finally be able to fight back? Seriously? So there are your choices, either just have incredible base damage, or an incredibly survivable team. The problem with the latter is how often you can get OHKOed.

So, I have another milestone. Since I tend to lose a lot because all of my heroes aren't maxed and most of my opponenet's heroes are so they do a lot more flat damage and take a lot less damage. This is a problem for me. I don't have another milestone in me, not when I come back to this, and especially when all I have to look forward to is the strategy-less PVP matches that this has become.

So congradulations Playdom, you've broken me. Bugs, slightly overpowered items and heroes, and I was fine. Dumb match making setup that made it impossible to get anywhere when level 150-299 I could deal with. Completely broken abilities that completely shut down so much making the game be without strategy is where I am not fine.

So I'm sad to say it, but I'm done. My trenchcoat is being hung up, my vast array of weapons and gadgets are being put away in a store room, and my heroes are all being sent home to their families. I am putting this up here to say goodbye to the game and the community. (not that many will read it, but I just feel like voicing it after hundreds of hours of playing and being on this wiki) I hope everyone continues to have fun with the game and enjoy themselves in general. It has been fun.

Thanks for everything,

(Formerly Agent) Psylynx

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