At Long Last, my favorite all time hero The Falcon will get some much needed Attention!

After being ignored and neglected for years, Sam Wilson aka The Falcon was an early Avenger and captain americas Partner and also one of the very first African Hero's.

In his Red costume and with his Red winged Glider, His loyal pet falcon Red Wing always ready for action, Falcon and Captain America were one of marvels Greatest partnerships.

He was trained in hand to hand combat by Captain America himself, had a telepathic-like link with redwing, could see through the eyes of Birds and use his glider to great effect in combat.

From a young age I always loved falcons and are one of my Favorite animals, seeing a super hero based around them in my youth gave me an instant intrest nd ive followed him ever since.

Over the years though, he has fell from grace into negative crticism, neglect and most young children do not recognise his name which is a real shame. The idea that a game called Marvel Avengers alliance was on facebook, gave me some hope for me to be able to use him after him not being available in the likes of the marval vs capcom series, and the ultimate alliance series.

His only recent notions being him as a hero in The Superhero squad show alongside Redwing, allowing some kids the chance to see Sam in action.

But now, finally some good news has hit me, that the actor Anthony Mackie has been cast as Falcon in the upcoming second installment in the Captain America series, Marvel finally giving this lost gem a go on the big screen which will hopefully boost his popularity with all the mass media to follow the film.

I hope this allows for him to be included in MAA and why not? i'm not sure on what class he fits but if Kitty pryde can summon a dragon, then Falcon can summon his falcon, obviously not as powerful though.

He could have a move based on his wings, flying attacks, and in chapter nine, winged foe griffin looks set to appear, who also has bird related abilities.

FalconsAppearence in the new film will likely promt the game developers to add my Favorite hero at last, in his rightfull place as an avenger.

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