We're back. Seems like only yesterday, people were running about trying to get Rescue. Well, maybe more like three days ago. Of course, I'd stopped Rescue operations weeks ago, so a new special ops is always a time for celebration.


That's our guy. Can't say I love comic book Wonderman, but he wasn't created in the 90's, or later, and Rob Liefeld, to my knowledge, has had nothing to do with him, so, it's not like I have an irrational hate of him either. Gamewise, seems strong, but if you're a regular reader, you know I reserve judgement until I have them to level 9.

Important Stuff

Let's just put all the quick reference, important stuff right at the top, before we break down the task lists.


As always, there are 25 tasks to get Wonderman. We need to get 3 stars in all missions, and defeat the Epic Boss. To open the epic boss, you will need to recruit:

  • X-23 (135 cp)
  • Thundra (90 cp)
  • Black Cat (23 cp)
    • 248 CP worth of heroes if you own no one.
      • Or 25 Gold, but it disappoints me when established players spend gold to skip the task, especially since the epic drop seems pretty epic. Also, the deploy dialogues are fantastic.

Efficient Paths

Mission One

There are two efficient paths, due to the Epic Boss:

  • Minimal: 80 UISO - Medium, Medium, Low, High, High, Medium, Three Bird Boss
  • Epic: 160 UISO - All Non-Boss Threats and all Deploys, Three Bird Boss, Epic Boss.

Mission Two

  • Minimal: 100 UISO - One Deploy, Medium, Low, High, Low, High, Medium, High, Three Bird Boss

Mission Three

  • 80 UISO - One Deploy, All Non-Boss Threats, Three Bird Boss

Coming Soon. You don't really need these until it's time to assemble your third star in everything. That's not until after you finish the 2 day research at the earliest, so chill out and let the process work.

Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes are back (like they ever left...). This time, the very entertaining villain, Constrictor is up for grabs. Fortunately for us, we have group bosses, roulettes, deploys, and daily bonuses to help us accomplish this task.


Any rate, I'll mix the tasks for the side quest (up to 66 boxes) in with the main tasks. You know, when you are going for comic covers ALWAYS OPEN TEN BOXES AT A TIME as the expected return is 43% better than opening ten boxes one by one. No matter what any AWC tells you, listen to Old Man PKB and open 'em ten at a time while trying to get the hero, and 1x1 when you have the hero. Simple math (like binomial distributions).

Group Boss

Well, Old Schimdty is back, and now he's "too tough to beat on your own" (which I think isn't strictly true... my first one, I brought down to 17%). They've changed things up a bit, so here's the low down.

You start yours. When you have crapped out, you get to invite 10 friends. You know, you should invite active friends. I don't have any advice on how to pick what active friends you should invite, that's really your call (except you should hit me up if we're friends... ;-). When your Red Skull is kaput, and you collect (which you should be patient with), you get 10 Lockboxes. When you help your friends, if you do 10% damage or more, after they collect, you will be able to collect 1 lock box. If you do not do 10% damage, you will wind up with 10 Shield Points. Do 10% if at all possible.

A couple tips. First, be aware, that after two or three rounds, your Red Skull will switch classes. He will go two classes over, so if you loaded up on tacticians to take down a blaster Skull, you will eventually wind up with an infiltrating skull countering everything you do.

Extra turns: You can't use consumables in the fight, but anything that produces extra attacks, very useful. Psylocke, Union Jack, Avengers Procs, Counter attacks, preemption, Omega, Quicksilver... all worthwhile.

Buff removal/healing/stamina: These can be very long fights, so self-sustaining or minimal stamina heroes are not a bad idea. Magneto, Rogue, Havok, Thing, Dr. Strange, Herc, Emma, Mr. Fantastic, Bifurcator, Xanthine Alkaloid Injector (if you're at a level where that's useful... it costs me more stamina to use it than it repairs). Skull throws a lot of nasty buffs and debuffs. Having a way to clean those is not a bad idea. Hard Nox/HotShot is very good for keeping Herr Schmidt honest.

Bifurcator does a flat percentage of damage to bosses. Think that through. It does zero damage, then removes a set PERCENTAGE of their health. If the Red Skull is relatively healthy, that's your 10% right there, in one, stealthy move. I have two Bifurcators. I am dreaming of getting another Blaster Skull, because I think I can take him down about 35% on my agent's first turn. Seriously.


Day One

Day one is so simple, I really have trouble with the motivation to write this.

#1. Hydra Soldier Task Icon Into the Fray

  • Defeat 5 HYDRA Soldiers
    • Hydra Soliders can be found in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover or Mission 3: Death in a family

So, you open the mission, you do a fight, you do another fight. Done.

#2. Jack O'Lantern Task Icon Scavenger Hunting

  • Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 1
    • Defeat either Sandman or Jack O'Lantern in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover

By which point, Sandman is available for fighting.

#3. Distress Calls Task Icon A Friend in Need

  • Use a Distress Call
    • You can only receive Distress Calls by visiting allies. Add allies to help you win more battles.
    • Can be done outside Spec Op.

I don’t really see the point of doing this outside of special ops, since they don’t cost anything to use and you’re going to have to do a fight in special ops anyway.

#4. Deploy Task Icon Leave No Stone Unturned

  • Complete a Deploy
    • Deploy heroes to advance through a mission. Deploys reward items and powerups.
    • Can be done outside Spec Op.

Outside Spec Ops, inside, who cares? Note: the Epic Boss is in this mission, I think the Epic drop has some potential, so there’s not really much reason to do it outside, assuming you have the heroes.

#5. Arnim Zola Task Icon Nothing Good on TV

  • Defeat Arnim Zola
    • Arnim Zola is the Boss of Mission 1: Hostile Takeover

Arnim Headroom is an interesting fight, since attacking him removes buffs on you. Something to keep in mind. So, we’ve beaten him. Complete the mission. I had two stars, so no need to come back for a while.

#6. Synthesized Antidote Task Icon Build a Better Cure

  • Research the Synthesized Antidote in the Lab
    • Research the Synthesized Antidote to complete this task.
    • Research costs 60 Purple Unstable Iso-8 and 100 Silver-icon and takes 8 hours to complete.

That's your first day. Easy. Always is. If you're running the Epic, you can complete that now. Zemo has some new tricks, so not as boring as I would have thought. That gun. I see potential.

Day Two

Gets a bit more sticky here, but nothing you can't handle. We start to weave the side quest for Constrictor in with the main quest for Wonderman.

Wonder Man Icon 1
#7. Red Skull Task Icon Schmidt Happens
  • Complete a Battle with Red Skull
    • Red Skull can be found on the current Spec Op map.

Any old map will do. Why not open Mission 2? Fight your Skull (note the tips above), and invite your friends to help out. Once you complete that, the side quests will load.

Wonder Man Icon 1#8. Maggia Bodyguards Task Icon Maggia Muscle

  • Kill 3 Maggia Bodyguards
    • Maggia Bodyguards can be found in Mission 2: Critical Condition

Constrictor Icon 1#1. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon Hired Help

  • Defeat 10 Maggia Grunts
    • Maggia is the world's most powerful crime syndicate. Their grunts can be found in Mission 2: Critical Condition

Mission 2 time. If you didn’t pick up two stars in Mission 1, you probably want to do that before starting these tasks. There are 5 Maggia Bodyguards spread between the Medium and Hard fights of Mission 2. So, you can easily get there, while running the hardest available mission.

The task for Constrictor says Maggia Grunts, but in point of fact, any old Maggia will count. There are only two grunts, they are in the easy fights. There is no need to do these, as two hard fights will solve this one right quick.

Wonder Man Icon 1#9. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Growing Resistance

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1
    • Complete missions to add points to your cumulative score. Achieve a high enough score to earn a new Mastery Star!

FREEBIES!!! My favorite tasks. Always run for high scores, always look ahead and you will never get stuck on a two star task.

Wonder Man Icon 1#10. Mountain Crusher Task Icon Level Playing Field

  • Use Juggernaut's Mountain Crusher 4 Times
    • Mountain Crusher is Juggernaut's second ability. Juggernaut is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 2.
    • If you already have Juggernaut, this can be done outside the Spec Op.

Constrictor Icon 1#2. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon When a Problem Comes Along

  • Use Constrictor's Crackdown 3 Times
    • Crackdown is Constrictor's first ability. Constrictor is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 2

So, I have Juggy, and he was training. I did his task in practice PVP. If you don't have Juggy, you will have to do this on Hammerhead. I would recommend not getting him enraged, as people tend to die very quickly once he gets enraged. He's a one shot machine, especially with his L9 in place. Since you have to use it 4 times, you want to not use the L9 at all, and maybe bring some Phoenix Essences to keep the boss alive. This one fight is the only teamup with Juggs, so, if you botch it, you will either have to run the mission twice or restart it. Not efficient.

Constrictor is the teamup for the other mini-boss in Mission 2. He's not as big a devastator as Juggy can be, so stay focused, eyes on the prize, maybe toss a Chrono Accelerator on him, and this one gets solved easy. And by the way, if you didn't catch the title of the task,Whip It!


Wonder Man Icon 1#11. Ionic Sledge Task Icon Ionic Fusion

  • Upgrade the Ionic Hammer to Ionic Sledge in the Lab
    • The Ionic Sledge can be researched after acquiring the Ionic Hammer.
    • Research costs 80 Purple Unstable Iso-8 and 100 Silver-icon and takes 24 hours to complete.

Breathe deeply, you're done for the day. Come back in 24 hours, ask yourself what you want to do with your life and get ready to ROCK!

Day 3

Okay, kiddies, wide away on Day 3. Things get a bit more complicated, especially with the Constrictor Icon 1 tasks. LEAVE 20 UISO UNCOLLECTED FOR DAY 3 AS WE WILL NEED THEM FOR A TASK

Wonder Man Icon 1#12. PVP Task Icon Staying Sharp

  • Fight 5 PVP Battles
    • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. Hint: Practice matches count as battles

Practice will work if you're short on challenge points, or the PVP tournament is over. This one is easy, as you don't even have to win them.

Wonder Man Icon 1#13. Baron Strucker Task Icon Spore Loser

  • Defeat Baron Strucker
    • Baron Strucker is the Boss of Mission 2: Critical Condition

Strucker is the boss of Mission 2. We didn't end this mission yesterday, because we looked ahead and saw this was coming. Not a bad fight, but he heals and does some concerning stuff.

Wonder Man Icon 1#14. Ionic Punch Task Icon Let's Pick a Fight!

  • Use Wonder Man's "Ionic Punch" 3 Times
    • Ionic Punch is Wonder Man's first ability. Wonder Man is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 1 and Mission 3.

Constrictor Icon 1#3. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon Armor None

  • Defeat 5 HYDRA Power Armors
    • HYDRA Power Armor appears in Mission 1 and Mission 3.

We're into Mission 3 after beating on Strucker. If you didn't get two stars on Strucker, you're Struck... er Stuck, and you don't have to rerun it immediately, but you're gonna have to do it before or during Day 5.

Wondypants is the teamup for Viper in Mission 3. Not hard to use his Ionic Punch a 3 times, especially if you hit him with a Chrono Accelerator. Seriously, those are really useful for these tasks.

Now, if you run this mission once, while fighting Viper and then Zemo + Grim Reaper, you will get 4 Armors towards the 5 you need. The Hydra Power Armors in normal missions don't count. I know, I've been leveling Juggy on 12.2, and did at least 5 today, which didn't count. We'll get 4 here, and pick up 5 later.

Wonder Man Icon 1#15. Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon Recovery Efforts

  • Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8
    • Unstable Isotope-8 can be found in normal combat, as well as rewards from deploys and boss fights. You can also get some from your friends!

If you forgot, and collected all of your ISO from gifts, you can still go and collect ally bonuses. Worst case scenario, 2 gold and your through. I wouldn't advise trying to farm them from combat, as it could be a lot of slow farming to get them. About every third fight, without farming techniques.

Wonder Man Icon 1#16. Ionic Cannon Task Icon Adjusting Focus

  • Upgrade the Ionic Blaster to the Ionic Cannon in the Lab
    • The Ionic Cannon can be researched after acquiring the Ionic Blaster.

And, we're done for two days. Easy. If you need a star on Mission 2, go get it. If you're feeling a bit frisky, you could reenter mission 3 and pick off the last Power Armor in a hard fight to complete the Constrictor Task.

Day 5 and Beyond

As always, once you are over the hump of the two day research, it's all pretty much easy mop up.

Wonder Man Icon 1#17. Red Skull Task Icon Cracking Skulls

  • Fight Red Skull 3 Times
    • Fight Red Skull either on your own map or on your friends' maps for free. Red Skull respawns every 72 hours.

Well, this is convenient. My research ends 28 hours from the time when I'm writing this. My Skull pops in 24 hours. I'm not gonna be up at 6:00 AM CST (14 hour day in front of PVP... No thanks), so I can use this as a break from PVP. That's one. My Skull is ahead of others, so I'm gonna have to refresh every so often to pick up the other Skulls. Or conserve them. Remember, you need to let your Skulls simmer for at least 24 hours to be courteous to your invitees. With some courteous friends, this shouldn't take that long. With some impatience, you can probably do it all on your own Skull.

NOTE: You will not want to collect your lockboxes from these fights immediately. You will want to save them, at least your own, until you have Task 22 live.

Constrictor Icon 1#4. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon HYDRA Foil

  • Defeat 30 Spec Op 10 HYDRA Soldiers
    • HYDRA soldiers can be found in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover and Mission 3: Brother's Grim

There are only 25 HYDRA Soldiers on Mission 3. If you're like me, you went back and knocked off the 5th Armor (which you have to do anyway), which drops this down to 20, assuming the armors count. We're gonna be in this one for a while. Don't worry about it, just let it come to you.

Here is the lay of this second run. We're going to do every threat, no deploys, and each mini-boss separately. Yeah, I know, the heighth of inefficiency. Well, there's small picture efficiency, and there's big picture efficiency. This is small picture (single run) inefficient, but big picture (task completion) efficient.

Wonder Man Icon 1#18. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Vigilant Protectors

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2
    • Complete missions to add points to your cumulative score. Achieve a high enough score to earn a new Mastery Star!


Wonder Man Icon 1#19. Searing Smash Task Icon Hot Mess

  • Use Red Hulk's Searing Smash 4 Times
    • Searing Smash is Red Hulk's first ability. Red Hulk is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 3.

Well, that's novel. We're gonna use Rulk 30+ days before he's released. Remind me to do this before the end of the PVP tournament, as I'm in danger of winning Rulk. Wouldn't be the end of the world, as we are using his L1 ability. Same principles apply, Chrono Accelerator and other extra turn tricks. Consider, you could actually get all four on the first round with a Tactical Strike and a Chrono A. Any rate, the usual caveat applies, about being careful. We don't really want to restart, but if we have to, oh well. This can be the first fight of the mission, so, not too big a penalty, especially since we're being cool about Constrictor 4. So, in the end, we can go back and do it again, for the cheap price of 20 UISO and 10 energy, if we need to. And we'll pick up two more HYDRA Soldiers. No worries, either way.

Wonder Man Icon 1#20. PVP Task Icon The Real Test

  • Win 3 PVP Battles
    • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. Hint: Practice matches count as battles.

Gotta win these, but they can be done in practice. Depending on timing, I will complete this as part of the tournament, or using practice, on Day 6.

Wonder Man Icon 1#21. Wonders Never Cease Task Icon Reconstruction

  • Use Wonder Man's "Wonders Never Cease" 2 Times
    • Wonders Never Cease is Wonder Man's fourth ability. Wonder Man is a Team-Up in Spec Op 10 Mission 1 and Mission 3.

Tricky, as Wonders Never Cease has a 3 round cool down. Zoiks! We will want to do this in the Viper Fight, for the sake of efficiency, and we will want to do whatever it takes to keep everyone alive long enough for Wonder Boy to make it to the 4th round. Tall order, but we gotta do it. Or figure a way to use it, lose the fight, then redo the fight. Else we will have to do the second use on a Grim Reaper fight which we will then lose, so that we can accomplish the later task. Much better to do this smoothly, the first time. Be careful, use your Phoenix Essence wisely, and be careful. Yeah, I said that twice.

Wonder Man Icon 1#22. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon Contents Under Pressure

  • Collect 5 Coiled Lockboxes
    • Collect Coiled Lockboxes to unlock Constrictor as a playable hero. They can be earned from fighting Red Skull or lockbox sidequests.

We might be tempted to complete one of the sidequest tasks for this, but for efficiency's sake, I am planning on collecting bonus ones from the Red Skulls of friends (and my own, actually). Remember, back in task 17, I put a bolded note. If you followed my advice there, good on you. If you didn't, I hope you are the type of person who gets invited to a lot of Red Skulls, or you're gonna wait a few days here.

Wonder Man Icon 1#23. Grim Reaper Task Icon Reap the Rewards

  • Defeat Grim Reaper
    • Grim Reaper is the Boss of Mission 3: Death in the Family.

And exit Mission 3.

Wonder Man Icon 124. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Special Operative

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 10 Missions
    • Complete missions to add points to your cumulative score. Achieve a high enough score to earn a new Mastery Star!

This will take some mopping up. I expect to have a third star in Mission 3 by the time I get here, so I will have to get stars in Mission 1 and 2. Efficient Paths, very useful. We should clean up what we need, starting with Mission 3 or Mission 1, to complete our Constrictor task #4.

That will start us on: Constrictor Icon 15. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon Repeat Offender

  • Fight Red Skull 5 Times
    • Fight Red Skull either on your own map or on your friends' maps for free. Red Skull respawns every 72 hours.

I hope you have friends who like you, because this could take a while if you don't. If you need to do it, beg your friends for Skull invites. This one will probably be active for a day or two.

After we've tidied up our three star efforts, it's time to do an epic run of Mission 1.

Wonder Man Icon 125. Baron Zemo Task Icon Master of Evil

  • Defeat Baron Zemo
    • Baron Zemo is the Epic Boss in Mission 1: Hostile Takeover. HINT: Participate in Deploys as soon as they appear.

Beat this sock headed, Nazi psycho, and collect your Wonder Man.


Then go back and four star all the missions, because:

Constrictor Icon 16. Coiled Lockbox Task Icon Completionist

  • Complete 4 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Ops 10 Missions

That should put you well on your way to collecting the Constrictor. Once you do that, you can make like the man himself, kick back with a cold brew.


And, really make like him:

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